Echézeaux as it Should Be - 07 Mugneret-Gibourg Echezeaux

Posted by Ian McFadden

Echézeaux as it Should Be
2007 Mugneret-Gibourg Echézeaux

Mugneret-Gibourg's Grand Crus seem to circulate through the world in parcels of 3-12 bottles at the most. When I saw a parcel of their 2007 Echézeaux, I didn't hesitate.

This is one of my best scores in weeks. Today seemed like an appropriate day to bring this out, because honestly I felt like I could use some sunshine after all the havoc that Sandy has wreaked. I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and sound.

In reality, this is a fairly small parcel, but in the context of Mugneret-Gibourg this is good sized one.

And a well priced one - we're happy to offer Mugneret-Gibourg's 07 Echézeaux at the lowest price around.

Mugneret-Gibourg has worked at a very high level for quite some time, but there's no denying that something seems to have happened since 2005. The wines have simply reached a new, unprecedented level.

This hasn't escaped serious collectors. Spend some time in their cellars and along with the most elite producers (Roumier, Rousseau, DRC, etc) you will often find a corner stocked with Mugneret-Gibourg. This has made their wines harder and harder to come by.

Mugneret-Gibourg's 2007 Echézeaux drives home why people are going out of their way to chase down their wines. To be frank, Echézeaux is the third largest Grand Crus and not everything that's released under its name is up to Grand Cru status. In contrast, Mugneret-Gibourg's is Echézeaux as it should be.

Their 2007 Echézeaux is deep and dark and mysterious. The purple fruits are interwoven with wild flowers, spice, dark soil and mineral. Few wines offer the combination of textural elegance and precision or intensity and haunting delicacy.

Above all else, Mugneret-Gibourg's Echézeaux is soulful. There's a depth here that you can never quite get your finger on.

The 2007 vintage is one that we're fond of - the wines are bright and energetic and possess a gorgeous expressiveness. They are wines that have never shut down and yet, appear to have plenty of mid-term aging potential. However, with that said, Mugneret-Gibourg's 2007s are special wines.

Mugneret-Gibourg's 07 Echézeaux takes these characteristics and adds a surprising level of concentration and length. As Burghound writes, "this refinement can also be found in the impressively concentrated mid-palate of the full and generous flavors that culminate in a mouth coating and exceptionally persistent finish."

2007 is a gorgeous combination of plushly textured fruits and floral and mineral stained delicacy. I wish availability was better, but so it goes. Sadly, wines at this level are rarely in good supply.

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Ian McFadden
Director Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits