Egon Müller: 2007-2013, Kabinett Through Auslese

Posted by Joe Salamone

Egon Müller
2007-2013, Kabinett Through Auslese

I'm very happy to offer a wide range of prädikats and vintages from Egon Müller.

I've been amassing this fairly meager collection over the past few months. With each passing year it seems Egon Müller's reputation grows in stature and finding the wines gets markedly harder.

It's not in the least bit shocking that Müller's wines have become more and more sought after with each passing vintage. Catch one of Müller's wines on point, which they usually are, and you'll encounter one of the greatest wine experiences out there.

I don't know of any other wines that present such intensity of flavor on such a super-fine framework. Every time we taste Müller's wines, we're reminded of this. This is the magic of Saar Riesling and Egon Müller.

The Kabinett is the perfect starting point. Here we have the epitome of the intricate, fineness of Müller. This is especially the case with the 2013. The cut and precision of this vintage is really amazing, as is the intensity. Müller's yield in 2013 was a tiny 10hl/ha. It created an amazing cast of wines, but there are painfully few bottles to go around.

Müller's 2012s are beautiful, displaying incredible intensity married to purity and fineness. Combined with this, there is a heartbreaking spectrum of subtle complexity. The Spätlese drives home just how good and how much aging potential the vintage offered here. It's really beautiful.

The 2010s here are insane. The combination of substance and mineral-laden cut is incredible. You see this in both Wiltinger Braune Kupp Spätlese, which flaunts the slatey signature of the vintage here. The 2010 Scharzhofberger Auslese is simply monumental with amazing balance and length. In contrast, the 2009 Spätlese shows how successful he is in ripe vintages. You have all the layered complexity of the vintage without sacrificing any tension or finesse.

Müller made extraordinary 2007s and this Auslese is mind-blowing. It's intense and layered yet brilliant and agile with a super-fine framework. It boasts a ridiculous spectrum of flavors that is all harmoniously interwoven: there's an attack of slate followed by an explosion of citrus and floral notes. 2007 was a vintage famous for producing dense, pure and ridiculously complex Rieslings. Many believe that it will be thought of as one of the great vintages of the past twenty years.

This is a really a strong cast of wines. There's less than 2 cases of each wine. I expect that many of the wines will need to be allocated.

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Joe Salamone
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