"Elegance, intensity and a very long finish"
Equipo Navazos La Bota de Amontillado "Viejísimo” Aniversario #73 375ml

Posted by Joe Salamone

"Elegance, intensity and a very long finish" -Luis Gutiérrez

The Amontillado "Viejísimo” Aniversario #73 is simply epic. Even for a project that has released no shortage of old and insanely complex old sherries, the #73 stands out. 

photo of bottle of La Bota de Amontillado #73

We are very happy to offer the only bottles available in the country. 

The #73 is from Montilla and thus, not officially a part of sherry. However, the two regions share a tradition. Here we're talking about the Pedro Ximénez grape and not Palomino and the wine was not fortified, but the wines are remarkably similar. 

The Amontillado #73 is a very old and ridiculously complex wine that's sourced from Pérez Barquero in Montilla. It was this solera that Equipo Navazos chose to celebrate their fifth anniversary, which gives you an idea of just how impressive this solera is. The wine is a blend of two extraordinary barrels. 

The Amontillado #73 is a wildly complicated and intense bottling. It's sharp and incredibly refined while delivering shocking, umami-filled depth. The #73 delivers a kaleidoscopic spectrum of spices, orange peel, seaweed, smoke, and much more.

Released in 2017, the #73 shows Equipo Navazos at the top of their game. It's clear that they know sherry country backward and forward, but releases like this really drive home just how sharp they are in making their selections. La Bota only released 1,400 half-bottles of the #73. We're happy to have received a second parcel of this wine. 

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Luis Gutiérrez, The Wine Advocate: "A similar wine was bottled as La Bota 26 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the project, but it was never sold and instead was used for gifts for the core of Navazos customers from the bota 1. That 26 was taken from the bota 'No', and this 73, in order to not empty cask number 8 (the bota 'no'), was blended with cask number 3. Despite being bottled with some 21% alcohol, this wine is supposedly not fortified, and the alcoholic degree is achieved by pure evaporation and concentration through old age. This is getting the character of a very old wine, with hints of rusty nails and noble woods, a volatile touch and lots of nut notes. The palate is powerful, with volume, sharpness, elegance, intensity and a very long finish with echoes of low tide and rusty nails. A unique wine. 1,100 half bottles produced."