Elegance, Purity, Finesse... in a Tequila?

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Enter the Dragones
Casa Dragones Tequila Joven
A Premium Sipping Tequila Leading La Revolución

Elegance, Purity, Finesse...
Could we really be talking about tequila?

We recognize that the word "tequila" may be a bit divisive. Despite this spirit's rich cultural tradition and distinctive sense of place, the mere mention of tequila can quickly conjure up hazy, sticky memories for many of us. 

However, the past decade has seen a revolución in tequila as a growing number of premium products have made their way onto our shelves and into outstanding, artisanal cocktails in the city's most respected mixology dens.

We are proud to present one of the most prestigious tequilas to hit the burgeoning scene: Casa Dragones' brand new, eminently smooth "sipping tequila," doing its part to restore faith in tequila's corner of the spirits universe.

Much like Scotch or Cognac, tequila is capable of a whole range of aromatics and flavor profiles based on the quality of the raw material, its specific provenance, time spent in cask and overall age. In the same way, different types of tequila can show off best when carefully mixed or when savored all on their own. Casa Dragones sits squarely, beautifully, in the latter camp.

One sniff of Casa Dragones is enough to dispel any associations with tequila's former iniquity. There are three distinct layers of aroma present here, as highlighted by Ana Maria Cesena, Casa Dragones' own Maestra Tequilera. You'll first notice the roasted agave itself: sweet, caramelized and slightly herbaceous. Next come citrus and floral notes, aromas revealed through the distillation of the nectar. The nose is rounded out by hints of vanilla and baking spices imparted by the tequila's time in oak.

The tequila's flavor is gently sweet, almost creamy, and unbelievably pure, with a warm and nutty finish. With all this going on, there's no need to even consider making a Margarita. This is a spirit that demands to be served straight up and savored slowly, allowing the character to unfold in your glass.

To everything there is a season: As much as we love cozying up and enjoying a peaty Scotch by the fire in February, it's going to be 90 degrees and sunny this Independence Day weekend. Mix up some ceviche, park yourself on the patio and toast to the season.

This is tequila at its most elegant, its most pedigreed and pure. This is a bottle that should not be left out of any serious high-end spirits collection; its artisanal quality also makes it a discerning gift.

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Daniel Stenson
Specialist, Spirits Department
Crush Wine & Spirits

Casa Dragones Tequila Joven

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