Elevated Summer Sipping:
2016 Bachelet Bourgogne Aligoté

Posted by Ian McFadden

We love Bachelet’s entire range of wines, but in the hot summer months, his Aligoté quickly becomes our go-to.

Bachelet is well known for producing wines that over-deliver. It should come as no surprise that his Aligoté exceeds expectations.

All too often, Aligoté can be simple, even bland, but Bachelet, along with a few peers - Coche, De Moor, de Villaine, d'Auvenay - crafts a thoroughly compelling Aligoté.

Bachelet is able to render stereotype-shattering complexity from the grape, along with chiseled minerality, and that soulful quality we love. For a grape that’s normally not much more than a lemon-y acid kick, Bachelet’s Aligoté offers a surprising range of flavors: grapefruit, meyer lemon, smoke, and a salty minerality. It’s downright delicious - especially on a hot summer day.

The 2016 is a don’t-miss bottle. The rollercoaster vintage ended on a very high note. There’s a beautiful amount of concentration and vibrancy. Bachelet achieves a wonderful balance between richness and finesse. It’s bright and refreshing, and seriously hard to put down.

This is a wine we drink in quantity every summer. Whether sitting by a pool, or lounging in the park, this is the perfect bottle to have around. Few wines offer such value and sheer deliciousness.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits