Endlessly Captivating: 2004 Chateau Musar

Posted by Joe Salamone

Endlessly Captivating
2004 Château Musar

For the past few months, we've been celebrating Musar.

Today, we're really excited to turn to Musar's 2004 Rouge.

The 2004 has all the markings of an important vintage. There's power, vibrancy and depth. We suspect the 2004 will join top vintages in due time.

Musar's aging capacity is legendary. The great Musars are measured over 20-30 year aging trajectories if not longer.

We've been obsessed with Musar lately. It absolutely captivates with its wildness and aristocratic depth. It's singular in the way that it combines the noble and savage. Few wines deliver the mystery and soul that Musar does.

The 2004 displays a powerful structure with verve and explosive complexity. It has an earthy and gamey profile that's beautifully integrated into a stately presence. To try to sum it up in anything resembling a tidy little package is impossible. It's far too nuanced and constantly evolving.

Château Musar was founded in 1930 by Serge Hochar's father, Gaston, when he was 20 years old in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley. Gaston immediately set the estate on the path of quality. Serge studied in Bordeaux with famed enologist Émile Peynaud and took over from his father in 1959. Serge brought the wines international renown.

It's always a pleasure to offer Musar. Both of our recent offers have sold out quickly and had to be allocated. Please give us your ideal order and we'll do our best.

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Joe Salamone
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2004 Château Musar