Equal Parts Silk and Velvet: 09 D’Angerville 1er Cru Clos des Angles

Posted by Ian McFadden

A New Entry for Volnay Benchmark
2009 D’Angerville
1er Cru Clos des Angles
Equal Parts Silk and Velvet

"This is really quite lacy and notably finer than it usually is"

D'Angerville is one of our favorite producers. His Volnays are benchmark examples, equal parts silk and velvet and always heartbreakingly elegant and mineral.

Only Lafarge can produce Volnays that can rival what D'Angerville turns out.

D'Angerville is always on the short list of Burgundy collectors. The wines age the way that Grand Crus age - bottles from the 60s are still drinking amazingly well today. For top Burgundy, there is likely no better value out there than D'Angerville.

This brings us to the constant problem with D'Angerville, there's simply not enough wine.

In 2008, when D'Angerville released his first vintage of 1er Cru Clos des Angles, there was plenty to be excited about. Above all else, it offered fans another chance to get their hands on a D'Angerville wine and offered a chance to see a master showing a new terroir. And Clos des Angles allows a fascinating glimpse of D'Angerville's style and Volnay's terroir.

In particular, this small (around 1ha) 1er Cru that borders the Fremiets produces a gorgeous wine. If the way you think about Volnay is of seductive textures, spiced cherry fruit and dark minerals, the Clos des Angles is a textbook example. It blatantly flaunts what makes Volnay such a charming, complex and compelling area.

Burghound's notes on Clos des Angles are littered with things like "lacey", "seductively round" and "delicious". He goes on to label the 09 as "outstanding."

The 09 Clos des Angles is, indeed, seductively textured. The 09 vintage is one of the strongest Burgundy vintages in the past decade. It produced concentrated, plump red Burgundies. All of this is on display in D'Angerville's Clos des Angles. But what's equally impressive is that it doesn't come at the cost of minerality. There's a dark, pure mineral streak beneath the vivid fruits.

D'Angerville reputation has flourished in recent years, and prices have accordingly crept a bit.Since Clos des Angles is a new wine, it's priced gently, for now. It's unlikely that this will last. Now is the time to check this wine out.

As we wrote above, there's only around 1ha of vines. Quantities are limited. Please give us you ideal order and we'll try our best.

To order, please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

Burghound: "Very fresh and overtly ripe aromas of red currant, plum and raspberry give way to rich, supple and seductively round medium-bodied flavors that culminate in a delicious and discreetly mineral-infused finish. This is really quite lacy and notably finer than it usually is."