Exciting Debut - d'Angerville in Jura:
2015 Pelican Poulsard

Posted by Ian McFadden

I waited for months to taste Pélican's Poulsard. I heard really good reports on the wine. It didn't disappoint.

2012 was the first vintage of Guillaume d’Angerville's Jura project, Domaine du Pélican. It was clear from the start that they approached the region with a lot of excitement and an utterly sincere commitment to quality.

In the past two vintages, the wines have really entered the zone. The 2015 Poulsard drives this home in a big way.

Poulsard can be a difficult grape to get right. It's prone to reduction and is a light red that can deliver funk, while lacking real interest. When done well though, Poulsard can be absolutely delicious, fascinating and uniquely invigorating. Up until this point, the only Pélican red available has been a blend of Pinot, Trousseau and Poulsard. Their first single varietal bottling is seriously impressive.

In their first vintage producing a straight Poulsard, Pélican really nails the grape. Like d'Angerville's Burgundies, Pélican's wines are animated by a sophisticated elegance, impeccable detail and transparency. In this regard, they have no peer in the Jura.

All of this is present in the Poulsard. It has a captivating purity and precision along with just the right amount of polish. There's bright woodland berries, an earthy mineral streak, and silky texture.

Guillaume D'Angerville became obsessed with the Jura after a sommelier in Paris poured him a glass of Chardonnay blind. He was very impressed, believing it was a Burgundy. This sent him on a search to find vineyards in the Jura. He acquired the vineyards of Château de Chavannes, Jean-Marc Bignot and in 2014, the famed Jacques Puffeney.

Tasting the first vintage of the Poulsard, I was really reminded of how skillful the winemaking at Pélican is. To hit a home run with Poulsard is challenging. To do it in your first vintage is pretty amazing.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2015 Domaine du Pélican Arbois Poulsard