Existing In Its Own Realm
- Laberdolive Argmagnac: 1962-1986

Posted by Ian McFadden

Few spirits in the world offer such kaleidoscopic complexity and such stirring soulfulness.

To find illuminating comparisons in the wine world, you'd have to reach for some combination of Gentaz-Dervieux, Pepe and DRC. Laberdolive is profound, singular and world-class.

Laberdolive’s production is modest and the majority of the production is snapped up by France’s top restaurants. Finding a bottle in the States can prove frustratingly difficult. Just in time for the holidays and the cold months that follow, we’re excited to offer six vintages of Laberdolive spanning from 1962-1986.

There’s something intangible and nearly overwhelming about the impression that Laberdolive leaves on you.

Their Armagnacs have a haunting textural resonance that separates them from their peers and make words seem inadequate when it comes to conveying the experience.

These are Armagnacs made with extreme care and allegiance to the region’s traditions. Laberdolive is one of the last producers whose copper continuous still is wood fired. The spirit ages in the famed local black oak of Armagnac, which is no longer widely used.

Laberdolive is located in Bas Armagnac, whose sandy soils produce the finest Armagnacs. Regardless of the year, Laberdolive possesses an exhilarating energy and finesse with notes that cover everything from roasted nuts, dried fruits, spices, flower, floral notes and even earthy truffle tones.

Personally, this is one of the most exciting offers of the season. Laberdolive is something that I seek out whenever I'm in Europe. These Armagnacs exists in their own realm. I strongly encourage you to check them out.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits