Extreme Sancerre - 0.5ha:
2018 Dagueneau Sancerre Le Mont Damnés

Posted by Ian McFadden

In the world of Sauvignon Blanc, Dagueneau's wines exist on their own rarefied plane.

There are no examples of the grape that reach an equal amount of depth and sophistication as Dagueneau achieves. 

photo of bottle of Dagueneau Sancerre Mont Damnes

While much of the Dagueneau's renown comes from his work in Pouilly-Fumé, his incredibly rare Sancerre Le Mont Damnés takes their style to the extreme. 

Dagueneau's parcel in Sancerre is an ultra-steep and chalky parcel in the famed Mont Damnés. The late Didier Dagueneau had the 0.5ha vineyard planted to his specifications. 

Le Mont Damnés is famous chalky soils that are identical to the Chablis region. Dagueneau's example causes a serious reassessment of what Sancerre is capable of. 

The 2018 Le Mont Damnés amazes with its incredible intensity and racy precision. There's no Sancerre that can match its grandeur and yet the wine has a jaw-dropping rigor to it. The saline-inflected chalky tension is riveting. 

With the exception of Asteroïde, which comes from a mere ten rows of vines, Le Mont Damnés is the rarest of Dagueneau's Loire wines. Finding enough quantity for an offer is almost impossible. We're very happy to have the opportunity to offer the 2018. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best. 

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
Crush Wine & Spirits

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