Eye-Opening: 2010 & 2012 Beurer Riesling Kieselsandstein

Posted by Joe Salamone

Beurer's Kieselsandstein is a Riesling that forces you to work on a different wave length.

It's one of the most decisively and mysteriously mineral Rieslings that I've tasted. I'm happy to offer out two vintages of the Kieselsandstein, 2010 and 2012.

In my mind, this isn't a "value wine," but something that very much stands on its own for all the fascination that it offers. Still, it's impossible not to mention that I can offer two different vintages for right around $20. That only sweetens the deal.

Kieselsandstein is a dry Riesling from Württemberg, a German region that we almost never see in this country. I've drunk countless bottles of this and I am always impressed by what a unique expression of the grape it is.

If you're looking for a wine of intensity and an explosive jam packed mid-palate, you'll likely be disappointed by Beurer's Kieselsandstein. If you're interested in a haunting minerality and ultra-fine precision, then you'll find a lot to be excited about here.

The first time that I tasted the 2010 Kieselsandstein it was part of a tasting of seven or eight wines with the distributor. I remember it being a very solid group of wines, but the Kieselsandstein grabbed my attention immediately. The wine was so beautifully aromatic with a chorus of high-toned mineral notes that I'd never encountered before.

Compared to the Mosel's slate, you're in the territory of limestone and sandstone. Kieselsandstein refers to a poor, red and chalky soil. Beurer's Kieselsandstein delivers insanely clear, nuanced notes of smoke and ground stone along with a polyphony of clean soil tones that you can never fully identify.

Both wines are all about their minerality. Anything else merely serves as an accent. There's a kinetic, chalky textured energy to them that's lovely. Of the two vintages, 2012 shows a more sculpted and denser profile. The 2010 is starting to show some of the complexity that age brings. It's also agile and delivers the minerality that I keep harping on in a very luminous way.

These are wines that I drink often. It's nice that they are priced to allow that. I strongly advise you to take advantage of the special 6-pack pricing. They are brilliant, singular and habit forming Rieslings.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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