Eye-Opening: 2011 Bereche Rive Gauche Extra Brut

Posted by Joe Salamone

Bérèche Rive Gauche Extra Brut (2011)

Bérèche's Rive Gauche is without a doubt one of the best Pinot Meuniers that we know.

Its peers are few. You need to turn to people like Prevost to find any true competition.

Bérèche Rive Gauche takes Meunier to a singular level of elegance and mineral rigor. I can remember the first time that I tasted the wine. It made me realize that Meunier can hit dimensions that I thought were impossible for the grape.

Rive Gauche comes from old vines in a north facing vineyard in a sweet spot for the grape in the Vallée de la Marne. The wine has a unique amount of nuanced, somewhat fleshy complexity married to cool minerality and lifted finesse. It's an eye-opening, gripping wine.

Bérèche produced some of the best 2011s, and the Rive Gauche is our favorite of the line-up. There's a dancing minerality, good concentration and a really impressive overall sense of completeness.

Raphaël Bérèche joined his family's domaine about a decade ago and swiftly established himself as one of the region's most talented young growers. Bérèche's fame has made the wine almost impossible to come by.

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Joe Salamone
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Bereche Rive Gauche (2011)