Fevre '08 Vaudesir - Lowest Price in the Nation

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Fèvre Fridays
2008 Fèvre Chablis Vaudésir
The Best Grand Cru Value of '08 Chablis
Lowest Price in the Nation

It's no secret that we're obsessed with Fèvre's 2008 Chablis. These are some of the most thrilling Chardonnays around.

We’re not alone in our mania: Fèvre swept the Burghound’s 08 Chablis podium – and then some – winning all of his top seven spots for the vintage. And The World of Fine Wine called Fèvre’s 08s “candidates for perfection at every level.”

The shot at perfection, today, comes at pricing that’s easy to suck down: mouthwateringly juicy, massively minerally 2008 Fèvre Vaudésir at $54.50 per bottle – the lowest price in the nation.

This is the absolute best Grand Cru value of 2008 Chablis. While all of Fèvre’s 08s are well worth their salt, this is our top pick for elite quality at pricing that doesn’t correlate. The Burghound calls this "brimming with dry extract and more minerality than usual on the refined, intense and hugely long finish. A wine of class and grace but with no lack of muscle."

This is Grand Cru Chablis that really takes the mantle of its "grand" quality designation and shatters the quality to price ratio with its comparatively small price tag. It is so rare for grand cru wine to come this cheap, and when it does, the quality is almost never this high.

Domaine Fèvre, under the winning winemaking of Didier Séguier and the support of progressive, capital-heavy owner Henriot, has catapulted, undeniably, into the top three producers of the region. Séguier’s vigorous vineyard and cellar practices (strict harvesting of grapes at perfect ripeness with on-pitch acidity, handling grapes with the utmost delicacy, deft use of well-proportioned oak that supports structure but never overwhelms) have allowed for a wine that speaks with serious conviction of place. 

This place is Vaudésir, a Chablis grand cru known for its voluptuousness married to particular definition, particular liveliness. Fèvre’s plots here have due south exposure, lending the wine enhanced ripeness, and steep slopes rich in clay, which give the wine its muscle and deeply powerful minerality. Yet, as Burghound points out, the 08 Vaudésir is “impressively precise” considering its stature.

For those of you who enjoy Raveneau or Dauvissat, picture the power that lurks in those wines rippling forward with a higher, sharper, focused energy that, as its tide recedes, wraps you in a clean dusting of chalk and glossy orchard fruit. This wine is thrilling now but promises only to reveal more of its supreme definition and finesse with another five, ten, fifteen years’ time. We encourage you to make room in the cellar for the 2008 Fèvres; these will certainly make old bones, and the Vaudésir is no exception.

We have secured a substantial parcel of this wine; still, demand for grand cru Chablis at a drinking price is obviously quite high. Grab a six pack and have bottles to enjoy over the near term and bury some in the cellar; we'll confirm all orders at the end of the day and make allocations if necessary. Please email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212)980-9463 to place your order.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2008 Fèvre Chablis Vaudésir

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