Fire on the Mountain: 2014 Domaine Belluard Le Feu

Posted by Joe Salamone

Fire on the Mountain
2014 Domaine Belluard Le Feu

With each passing vintage, Belluard's wines surprise more and more.

Belluard's 2014s are really, really good. They seems to have reached a new level of clarity, focus and precision. It's impressive.

As always, Le Feu represents the pinnacle of the line-up. Le Feu brings Belluard's work to its climax - it's simultaneously more concentrated and complex and more refined and precise. Every year it's one of the most thrilling bottles we get to taste.

Le Feu is from a low-yielding, old-vine selection from a very particular high-altitude site. Its name refers directly to the high iron content in the soil, because it stains the clay soils a fiery red.

The 2014 may be the most vividly transparent and finely etched edition of this wine to date. It has a killer energy and length. There's citrus and stony minerality on the attack that gives way to a multi-dimensional complexity - citrus, spring flowers, herbs, smoke and pine needles.

There are 22ha of Gringet planted and Belluard owns half of it. It's the native grape of Belluard's obscure corner of Eastern France. In very little time he's taken the grape to the world stage. In the U.S. Le Feu is brutally allocated.

Once you taste the wines, you get why. They are some of the most exciting wines we taste. In the 2014 Le Feu, Belluard's mastery is on bold display. Our advice is don't miss this.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2014 Domaine Belluard Le Feu