Fleurie Flagship: 2013 Dutraive Fleurie Grand'Cour VV

Posted by Joe Salamone

Fleurie Flagship
2013 Dutraive Fleurie Grand'Cour VV

Dutraive's are gorgeous, singular Fleuries. In no time at all, they have moved into the Beaujolais pantheon in the U.S.

We introduced Dutraive's wines to the market with the 09 vintage. Much has changed since then: the wines are now distributed more widely.

This is all very good. Dutraive is an absolutely fascinating expression of Fleurie and just flat-out compelling.

Fleurie Grand'Cour VV is Dutraive's flagship. Clos de la Grand'Cour is an actual clos (a walled in vineyard). The 8ha clos is also a monopole for Dutraive. The Fleurie Grand'Cour VV is sourced from the oldest vines, 60-70 year old vines.

Dutraive's Fleurie Grand’Cour VV is Fleurie with muscle. Think Fleurie by way of Gevrey. Fleurie is known for being feminine and floral, and there's florality for sure. To that, though, add a dose of brawn. Overall, Grand’Cour VV introduces a new range of textures and flavors for the appellation.

While not a very powerful vintage, 2013 showcases Grand'Cour's signature with a beautiful clarity and is supremely delicious. Grand'Cour's classic scents of spice, roses, dark berry fruits and earth are delivered emphatically in the 2013 edition.

Recently, we opened a bottle of 2013 Grand'Cour VV with the Crush staff and everyone was really, really impressed. The bottle was emptied in a flash, which has to be the best endorsement. This is a wine to have around in quantity for its versatility at the table and its sheer gulpability. We're offering 4-pack pricing for this reason.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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