Foillard: 2007-2011

Posted by Joe Salamone

Jean Foillard: 2007-2011
Fleurie & Morgon:
Classique, Corcelette & Côte du Py

There's very little to be said about Jean Foillard, perhaps the most renowned member of Kermit Lynch's spirited Gang of Four in Morgon, that hasn't been said already.

He's one of the greatest producers in Beaujolais, without question.

Today, we'd like to pay homage to these fascinating and delicious Beaujolais, including multiple vintages of his Fleurie and the rarely seen Morgon Classique.

Foillard's are some of the most food friendly and captivating wines around. Regardless of the vintage, I always buy Foillard in quantity. The wines have a depth and complexity with finesse, transparency and drinkability that makes them very valuable to have around.

It's for this reason that Foillards are some of the most beloved Beaujolais out there.

With a reputation like Foillard's, it's probably best just to get to the wines.

The 2008 Morgon Classique is a beautiful introduction to Foillard's silky textured, cherry scented and mineral tinged style of Morgon. The 2008 vintage shows the bright yet earthy side of this bottling.

Staying with his Morgon bottlings, his Corcelette is likely Foillard's most under-the-radar offering. Corcelette is among the most elegant renditions of Gamay on earth - it is without peer and references to the satiny filigree of Chambolle-Musigny or the delineation and focus of Volnay are spot-on. Riper vintages, like 2011, seem to bring a lovely textural element. It is sourced from very old vines (80 years old) planted in sandy soil.

Foillard's Côte du Py hardly needs an introduction. This is Morgon's most famous site and Foillard takes the signature wild cherry perfume and complicates it into something multi-dimensional.

Finally, there's Foillard's rare Fleurie. The Fleurie is sourced from a mere 2 hectares making this a much more elusive bottling than his legendary Morgon Côte du Py. Foillard's Fleurie is sourced from sites of impressive pedigree: the climats of Grille Midi, La Madone and Champagne.

Foillard's Fleurie is exceedingly lithe, super-fine in its texture, a feminine delicacy appropriate for this Cru which is often referred to as the Queen of Beaujolais. Of the two vintages available, the 07 is bright, energetic and more floral. The 08 is more deeply mineral.

That's pretty much it. Foillard crafts some of the most seductive Beaujolais around. And they're never in good supply. Below you'll find an impressive representation of his range.

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