Friday Steal: Too Good for the Holiday Party!

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2007 Dom. François Mikulski Aligot&eacute
Way Too Good for the Holiday Party
(Yet priced this low, why not impress?)

A Holiday FRIDAY STEAL at as low as $16!
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This is a strategic Friday Steal: With the holidays around the corner, you need some sipping wines!


This is crisp Aligoté with a serious pedigree - old vines celebrating their 80th birthday this year, as the label, pictured right, proudly declares. The seriousness is reflected by the fact that the only other price for this wine in the U.S. is $35. (We bought the entire north east allocation and cut a serious deal, which we pass on to you.)

Yes, this is a white wine that is probably too good to be the simple glass pour this season, yet at this price...  why not coax out a few raised eyebrows? That look of disbelief that you're pouring a sizzling white Burgundy of this caliber at the company party.

If you've had a real Aligoté before then likely you understand our minor obsession with the grape. It has a touch of the body and flesh of a Chardonnay, yet it's much more forceful, with a mineral-driven, high-toned "zing" that recalls a razor-sharp Chablis or the crackle of a good Sauvignon Blanc. A good Aligoté can deliver a lemon-and-ocean flavor profile not unlike a good Muscadet, though the framework is bigger, with more push.

If you like wines with cut and attitude, you'd be well advised to grab a bottle, or a case.

Sadly, the grape rarely gets the attention it deserves and therefore most Aligoté is insipid and shrill. There are only a few very serious Aligotés out there - François Mikulski's is one of them. While Lignier's, Madame Bize's d'Auvenay property and Villaine's Bouzeron estate form the elite group of Aligotés, if we had to name a favorite, it'd be Mikulski.

Although the 2004 had been our top dog for a while, the 2007 is even better. (For white Burgundy, 2007 is a great vintage.) The 2007 Aligoté is fuller and more muscular, yet there is that wonderfully shrieking cool-blue mineral core, detailed with aromatic fennel and lilac.

The vines are elderly, handing over precious few Aligoté grapes of glorious concentration. Mikulski does not give this the simple treatment, the élevage takes place both in stainless steal AND cask. The wine is obviously cared for, the grapes are treated above their "minor" status (in Burgundy, everything that is not Chardonnay or Pinot Noir is minor) and the results... well, the results are major.

This is one of those wines we absolutely revel in: A glorious off-the-radar score of surprisingly serious juice with a sub-$20 price tag.

This parcel represents every bottle due for New York and New Jersey. At $20 - and well under - there are few more compelling wines. With the special $16-case pricing, this is likely to be gone well before Monday...

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2007 Mikulski Aligoté

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