FX Pichler Kellerberg: "A True Austrian Classic"

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"A True Austrian Classic"
2008 F.X. Pichler Riesling Kellerberg Smaragd
"Few vintages are able to showcase the unique terroir of the Wachau with such impressive precision as 2008."
- Stephen Tanzer's IWC

This, we think, is the dry Riesling lover's holy trilogy:
- Trimbach's Clos St. Hune
- Keller's Abtserde GG
- F.X. Pichler's Kellerberg Smaragd

These are the flagship bottlings, the collectible "Grand Crus" that are as noble, as sophisticated and as ageworthy as dry Riesling ever gets.

In Austria, there is certainly no more dazzling, flashy, glossy, sleek (and slick) dry Rieslings than those fashioned at the estate of F.X. Pichler. No single producer in Austria has quite captured the attention of the American public as F.X Pichler has.

Yet for all this celebrity, this style, they also speak honestly of their terroir and THIS is what brings the collectors, wine geeks and scholars back year after year after year.

For us, the most important Riesling in the F.X. Pichler stable is the Kellerberg and today we are thrilled to offer a healthy-sized parcel of the Kellerberg at the lowest price in the nation. This is going to be a $100 bottle of wine if you can find it - today we can offer it at as low as $75.50 with a 3-pack purchase.

Also keep in mind that the Kellerberg is normally dosed out in 6-bottle quantities (per store!), so today while we'll do our best to fill all reasonable requests, please note that all orders are subject to confirmation.

Expect the 2008 Kellerberg to be uncommonly rigorous and taut. Make no mistake, this is a full-bodied Riesling with beautiful depth of fruit and all the ripeness one would expect of F.X. Pichler. Yet, as with the 2007, the 2008 has a prominent, almost muscular spine of acidity that "provides the perfect counterpoint" to the wine's inherent richness, to quote Peter Moser from Stephen Tanzer's IWC (full review below).  

The 2008 is a tour de force of terroir, putting the site's *awesome* minerality on full display. "Rock heads" and mineral maniacs are going to be very happy with the 2008, in the way it seamlessly delivers a profile of vivid stone fruits, electric-ripe citrus flavors along with that thrilling minerality.

This focus, this precision, however, is also the real signature of the Kellerberg and on more than one occasion we've had discussions as to whether the Kellerberg is Austria's greatest site. It's an impossible (and possibly ludicrous) question to try and answer, yet more than a few experienced wine drinkers have suggested the possibility.

Keep in mind 2008 in Austria was no walk in the park. Ironically, this is likely where the greatness of the 08 comes from. As Moser writes: “An old vintners’ saying is appropriate for this year: The more difficult the vintage, the more interesting the wines.” In these vintages, the wines are born from the soil and the rigor they show is essentially a direct reflection of the rigor the winemaker shows.

In 2008, Lucas Pichler reports that they made up to five passes through the vineyard to ensure the quality and purity of the grapes. It shows. (For those who want a snapshot of the 2008 vintage, see below.)

For the past three years we've had the honor of offering out this world class Austrian Riesling; for the past three years we've sold out in less than 48 hours. This is one of those wines that brings out the collectors as well as the wine geeks so we encourage you to email us offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463 as soon as possible.

Have a great weekend and thanks for supporting the great wines of Austria!

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2008 F.X. Pichler Riesling Kellerberg Smaragd

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Peter Moser for Stephen Tanzer: "This full-bodied, multifaceted medium green-yellow riesling is a true Austrian classic. The country's prototypical style for this variety is expressed in its transparent purity of fruit and concentrated aromas and flavors of ripe yellow peach, passion fruit and mandarin orange. A brilliant acid backbone provides a perfect counterpoint to the wine's full body and sheer depth of fruit, with the bracing flavors of white peach, lemon verbena and wet stone lingering long on the gripping finish. This is a wine for the coming decades. Drink 2011 to 2023+."

The 2008 Kellerberg is Pre-arrival - Spring 2010
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A normal flowering was met by a large amount of rainfall in June and July. The sun finally came out in September only to have the rains return until the latter half of October. The vintage was saved by the end of October and November - the weather remained cool and constant winds helped to keep the rot in check. In the Wachau, Smaragd-level wines were picked in mid- to late November or even later!