Gaja 1961-1993: Single-Owner Cellar, Perfect Provenance

Posted by Ian McFadden

Gaja 1961-1993
From the Piedmont, with Love...
Single-Owner Cellar of Gaja Bought Direct from Gaja

This cellar just arrived.

Yes, this offer is a bit late for Thanksgiving, but so it goes in the world of fine wine logistics. We trust you'll be able to find another occasion this winter to open a bottle or two.

It's the Wednesday before Thanksgiving; we'll keep it very short today. In any event, Gaja's wines speak for themselves, especially coming from vintages like 90, 89, 78 and 61.

Even more unique today, however, is the quality of the provenance. Not only does every bottle come from a single-owner cellar, every bottle aside from the 1961 was bought on release, direct from Gaja. The 1961 came direct from Gaja though as a late-release.

While all the wines were stored in an active cellar, because of high humidities some of the labels are scuffed or spotted. The important factors, however, are perfect: color, fill, capsule condition. Most of the wines have come to us still in their original packaging.

And yes - there are some legends in this cellar - Gaja's 1989s and 90s enjoy (and deserve) an extraordinary reputation. The 1978s are monuments; the 1961s don't need an introduction.

Still, don't overlook the 1988 - this is a rigorous, structured vintage that is just beginning to unfurl. It is a wine for purists: soaring, vivid and aromatic.

For value hunters, the 1993s are worth considering. This was a tricky vintage and there's no denying the wines simply don't have the weight and depth and structure of the best - at the same time they also come to the market at well over 50% off the more famed vintages. It's a leaner, more medium-sized vintage; the fruit and spice is more compact, yet it is energetic and fresh and the wines will be drinking very well now. Which is nice, what, with the holidays ahead of us.

Quantities are very limited (and listed below) so give us your maximum order as quickly as you can and we will allocate accordingly.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ian McFadden
Wine Director, Fine & Rare
Crush Wine & Spirits