Game-Changing German Pinot: 2014 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Liaison

Posted by Joe Salamone

With each passing day, it becomes more obvious that Enderle & Moll are on the verge of breaking out.

This is well deserved. They are beautifully honest and transparent wines. There's nothing to compare them to in all of Germany.

Without a doubt, Enderle & Moll's 2014s are some of the best that we've seen from them. In terms of clarity, soil imprints and overall poise, everything is cast in even sharper relief. These are wines of such subtlety that they provide endless fascination. The fact that Liaison can be had for sub-$30 makes it one of the great values in Pinot Noir anywhere.

The 2014 Liaison is all about radiant elegance and beguilingly nuanced aromatics. It's so beautifully expressive and weightless in its intensity that it's impossible not to be deeply impressed.

It's clear that Enderle & Moll have the touch. Everyone who tastes them seems to become a convert. The only issue is that their production is modest. Please be warned that this will likely sell out very quickly.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

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2014 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Liaison