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Teremana Tequila Blanco & Reposado

Posted by Robert Schagrin

Teremana takes tequila to new heights.

There's certainly no shortage of premium tequilas on the market. From a purist's perspective, Teremana can compete with the best. However, there's a difference. Most premium tequilas carry price tags to match. With Teremana, you get a top-flight tequila at a much more accessible price.

I'm pleased to offer Teremana's Blanco and Reposado for $29.95 and $32.95 per bottle respectively.

No corners are cut and no expense is spared. Starting with fully mature Blue Weber Agave grown in the Jalisco Highlands, the entire process blends the best of tradition with innovative touches. Notably, the agave roasts slowly for three days in a traditional brick oven. The agave is distilled in small copper pot stills that were custom-made, being built by hand with hammers at their distillery.

photo of 2 bottles of Teremen tequila. Blanco and Reposado

The patience pays off resulting in a Tequila with captivating notes of citrus and lemongrass. Its profile is one of sunbaked herbs, extraordinary brightness, and pure clarity.

Few, if any, Tequilas possess such well articulated flavors as there are no additives or tricks employed here. Purists must check out the pristine expression of the Blanco. The Reposado offers rounded layers of complexity that demand to be meditated on.

There is no spirit category that's as red hot as tequila. It flies off the shelf. However, that's brought major strain on the supply of agave and prices have jumped due to demand. Teremana is a game-changer both in terms of holding price and delivering sheer unadulterated quality. It has all of the hallmarks of a sipping tequila while maintaining price points that allow you to use it in cocktails without regret. I rarely encounter something that checks all the boxes as emphatically and compellingly as both Teremanas. I strongly encourage you to check out both the Blanco and the Reposado. They are without peer in their price point.

I was hesitant to mention that Teremana is a personal labor of love of actor Dwayne Johnson because there have been so many celebrity-owned spirits marketed. Dwayne’s approach has been different and not recognizing this as his passion project would be a disservice. He has been the driving force behind Teremana from its inception as evidenced by the 113 distillations that he required before arriving at the final blend for the Blanco. He has every intention to make this one of his legacies. His character shines through in Teremana as it is animated by transparency, integrity, and a sense of fun and lightheartedness.

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Robert Schagrin

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Teremana Tequila Blanco

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Teremana Tequila Reposado

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