German Wines on Our Mind: Riesling 1959-2011

Posted by Joe Salamone

German Wine on the Mind...
Back-Vintage, Large-Format Germans

With the first-ever Rieslingfeier celebration taking place in New York City in a bit more than a week, we have back-vintage Riesling on our mind.

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Riesling Crawl

Saturday February 16th!

A.J. Adam, Thomas Haag (Schloss Lieser), Klaus Peter Keller, Florian Lauer and Dorothee Zilliken come to New York for a weekend of Riesling celebrations.

While the dinners are all sold out, the free and open-to-the-public "Riesling Crawl" offers an incredible opportunity to meet the growers and to taste a LOT of great Riesling.

We are excited to be hosting Thomas Haag of Schloss Lieser and Andreas Adam here at Crush from 2-4pm. We'll be opening a number of wines and maybe a few surprises.

To learn more about Rieslingfeier and the Rieslingcrawl, go to or email

This is an event that will feature some of the greatest winemakers of Germany and they're bringing wines from their own cellars. (See sidebar for more on the event including the free and open-to-the-public Riesling Crawl!)

So, in the spirit of the event we've gone through our own cellar focusing on some SERIOUS back-vintage bottlings and rare magnum format Germans.

And, for 24 hours ONLY, we're going to have something of our own Rieslingfeier, seriously shaving the prices down to, in some cases, cost.

Take a look at the list below, but here are some highlights:

Tim Fröhlich's 2011s are just so, so beautiful. In a vintage where the fruit can (in some cases) be a bit too juicy, the wines a bit too gooey, Tim shaped wines of just psychotic balance and purity and cut. The Felseneck GG is a mineral bomb and one of the great wines of the vintage. We're offering a few magnums basically at cost. Don't miss these - $20 lower than the only other price out there.

Have you ever heard of Lauer? Have you ever seen 2007 magnums? There are just a few in the country. Who will be the lucky owners here?

1988 Prüms are gooooooooooooooooood. Take a look below.

1983 Zillikens? Yup. 1959 Steinberger. Jawohl.

Quantities are silly-limited and the pricing expires in 24 hours so if you're interested, reply quickly!

All orders will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis.

To order, please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits

Germany: Back-Vintage, Large-Format


Compare at $55
From a red-soiled part of the Kirchspiel vineyard; the wine is off-dry and has a really fascinating dark earth and mineral expression. A rare bottling.

The ONLY other price out there is $125
One of the GLORIOUS dry Rieslings of the vintage. A mineral bomb and just epic wine from Tim. Don't miss!

1 bottle available; NO compare at pricing available
The oldest dry Riesling you have likely ever seen.


10 bottles available; NO compare at pricing available
A very solid producer from a great vintage / great site. This will be in lovely, lovely form.

6 bottles available; NO compare at pricing
Let us be frank: We really don't know much about this producer. BUT - the bottles come from a great cellar and the Grafenberg is one of the Rheingau's most noble sites - Weil is currently the most famous estate working this land and the wines are bonkers. The 1975 vintage has so much structure and lift... these are a steal.

3 magnums available; NO compare at pricing
SUPER rare mags sourced directly from Lauer's cellar - this is Florian's second vintage and the wines already show his touch. Awesome.

2 magnums available; NO compare at pricing
There are only two mags so we're not saying anything. Best case scenario - somehow they don't sell instantaneously and we drink them.

12 bottles available; NO compare at pricing available
The Bockstein is a great vineyard - had an 83 Zilliken from the Bockstein recently that was just bonkers. And this is priced cheaper than current-release Burgundy Village.

Compare Prüm's Wehlener Spätlese at $145
Nope - not gonna write anything here. Prüm's 88s are awesome and this price is ridiculous. Enjoy!

5 bottles available; NO compare at pricing
Same thing as the 88 - see above.

NO compare at pricing available
Prüm's Gold Capsule Auslesen are just one of the best experiences you'll ever have with German wine. The 85s are luxurious and so stylish and long.

2 bottles available; NO compare at pricing available
From one of the monumental vintages of the century and one of the greatest sites in Germany, the Baiken. Back in the day, the State Domaines made some great, great wines. This is a steal and there are only two available.

1 bottle available; NO compare at pricing available
This is a Cabinet in the pre-1971 meaning - it's a special wine, a reserve wine... the best of the best. Only one. Whoever buys this please open it with us!

6 bottles available; NO compare at pricing available

1 bottle available; NO compare at pricing available

5 half-bottles available; NO compare at pricing available
Zilliken's 83s are AWESOME.

6 bottles available; NO compare at pricing available
Repeating ourselves: Zilliken's 83s are AWESOME.

NET | No further discount