Grand Cru Over 20% Below Lowest Price in the U.S. - 2007 Grivot Clos Vougeot

Posted by Ian McFadden

Grand Cru Over 20% Below
Lowest Price in the U.S.
2007 Grivot Clos de Vougeot

We're always on the hunt for under-priced Burgundy. And a couple days ago, we made a big score.

Grivot's 07 Clos de Vougeot is a Grand Cru deal I haven't seen in a very long time.

In top vintages like 2005 and 2010, Grivot's Clos de Vougeot goes up to and beyond the $200 mark. Yet Grivot's Clos de Vougeot is a consistent wine and pricing always seems to hover around the $100 per bottle plus. That's exactly where the 2007 is priced at everywhere else, right there in the $100-140 range.

Today, we're happy to offer Grivot's 07 Clos de Vougeot at 20% below the lowest price in the U.S. and at the lowest price in the world. Prices of Burgundy, especially Grand Crus, seem to move ever upward. It's nice to offer some temporary relief to this trend.

Over the past ten years, Etienne Grivot has taken his family's domaine to new heights. He's capitalized on impressive holdings in places like Richbourg, Clos de Vougeot, Echezeaux and Beaux Monts and honed the estate's style. Grivot's wines combine powerful dark fruits with impressive polish and sophistication.

Grivot's 2007 Clos de Vougeot beautifully shows this combination of intensity with fine-ness. Burghound's note really hits the nail on the head when he writes, "this is a powerful yet focused effort that retains a fine sense of underlying balance."

2007 is a Burgundy vintage that we continue to grow more fond of. It isn't one of those deep, concentrated vintages. Instead, it's a vintage that thrives on finesse and energy. It's also a vintage that has never shown any signs of closing down. And as time has gone on, the mid-palates of the wines have filled out a bit while at the same time they've become more refined.

The 2007 vintage provided the perfect canvas for Grivot's style to shine. Grivot's 2007 Clos de Vougeot delivers sleek and fairly muscular bright and dark fruits that are saturated with crunchy minerals, spices and a lovely textured richness.

While Grivot doesn't quite make the short list of Clos de Vougeot masters - the holdings just don't match Leroy or Mugneret-Gibourg - their Clos de Vougeot proudly struts its fifty year old vines in the wine's depth and structure.

As I mentioned above, one of the virtues of the 07s is that they haven't shut down. You can feel free to drink this in the near future or cellar for another five years plus. This is an ideal bottle to carry you through the holiday season and beyond.

This is a good sized, but by no means large, parcel and if previous sharply priced Burgundy offers are any indication, this will sell out quickly. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits