Gravitas and Grace: Clouet Rose NV

Posted by Joe Salamone

Gravitas and Grace
Clouet Rosé NV

Clouet's Champagnes manage a remarkable feat: they combine an authoritative presence and absolute grace, polish and power.

Few Champagne producers are able to combine muscle and intensity with such poise and class the way that Clouet is able to.

Out of Clouet's impressive line-up, no wine highlights Clouet's ability to walk the line between power and elegance greater than his rosé.


As Michael Edwards writes in The Finest Wines of Champagne, "It is an intriguingly rich heather color, and primary Pinot aromas leap from the glass, yet the Champagne is admirably fresh, focused and poised."

Clouet's Rosé is likely his most vinous and serious cuvée. It is Champagne with gravitas, with the mysterious weight of fine red Burgundy. Not to mention, the red fruit profile and sleek poise. Yet, there is textured chalky minerality that's purely Champagne.

André Clouet is, along with Paul Bara, one of the two benchmark producers in Bouzy, a town in Champagne famous for the quality of its Pinot Noir. Bouzy, nestled as it is on the south-facing curve of the Montagne de Reims, is the perfect place for Pinot Noir, and one of the best villages for non-dosage Champagnes. There is ample sunlight and the warmer temperatures here mean the grapes achieve that extra bit of ripeness and richness.

Clouet is lucky enough to have the choicest mid-slope parcels in Bouzy. As such, he has beautiful fruit. The fact that he can render it with such sophistication and refinement is a testament to his sensitive winemaking and flat out skill.

Champagne is one of the most versatile wines in the world. The high acidity and bubbles provide such gorgeous contrast to so many foods. Clouet's Rosé exemplifies this versatility with the potential to pair with everything from rich fish to game.

Clouet's Champagne's have been one of the most popular grower Champagnes that we've offered. The difficult part is that Clouet only has 9ha from which to source his six or so cuvées.

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