"Hauntingly Beautiful"
2015 Egon Müller Le Gallais Wiltinger Braune Kupp Spätlese

Posted by Joe Salamone

At this point, it's clear that word is out on Egon Müller's 2015s.

It wouldn't be out of line to say that Egon Müller's 2015 lineup is his most exciting collection in decades.

Of course, the Scharzhofberg is brilliant across all of the prädikats. With that said, the most shocking of Müller's 2015s is the Le Gallais Wiltinger braune Kupp Spätlese.

This is the first time that we've offered a young vintage from Le Gallais, Egon Müller's other estate in the Saar that the family acquired in the 1950s. The 2015 is a bottle that's not to be missed, and we hunted down as much as we could get our hands on.

We chased after braune Kupp due to the level of quality it hit in 2015, but we should also point out its relative value. 2015 Scharzhofberger Spätlese sells for around $150, while we're able to offer braune Kupp for much less.

It's easy to understand how Müller's Wiltinger braune Kupp bottlings get overlooked. Müller and his Scharzhofberg are one of the great combinations of winemaker and vineyard. Wiltinger braune Kupp is a very different site than Scharzhofberg. Where Scharzhofberg is a fairly cool site, even for the Saar, Wiltinger braune Kupp is one of the riper vineyards of the Saar. In short, the two wines work on entirely different registers.

In 2015, Müller teased out an impressive amount of elegance and shimmering radiance from the site. Braune Kupp's typical profile is always lifted, but there can be a darker fruit and rich spiced element to the wine. The 2015 is fascinating, hightoned and floral. It also boasts an animated refinement. The combination of the wine's signature walk on tip-toe finesse and the ultra-clear, cool fruit quality in 2015 is gorgeous.

We've had incredible experiences with old vintages of braune Kupp. The 2015 will no doubt go down as one of the great vintages for this wine.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2015 Egon Müller Le Gallais
Wiltinger braune Kupp Spätlese

John Giman, View from the Cellar: "The 2015 Braune Kupp Spätlese from le Gallais is a stunning young wine. The bouquet is pure, refined and exceptional, offering up scents of white cherries, pear, beautiful cool slate tones, a touch of fresh mint, lilacs, bee pollen and apple blossoms. On the palate the wine is fullbodied, crisp and vibrant, with a beautiful, gentle creaminess of perfectly ripe fruit on the attack, a marvelous core, great focus and grip and a very long, energetic and long finish of seamless balance and marvelous lift. A hauntingly beautiful wine in its youth, the 205 Braune Kupp Spätlese is going to age superbly well and it would be an absolute crime to crack a bottle until it has had at least five or six years in the cellar to really start to unwind."