Hauntingly Delicate, Seriously Intense:
Singular Sherry Vinegar From La Bota

Posted by Joe Salamone

The people behind the La Bota series know sherry backward and forward.

They presented the world with some of sherry's treasures. They've not only unearthed epic sherries but have also expanded the horizon of what the wines of sherry country can offer. Every release from La Bota has an emphatic and unforgettably unique personality.

photo of label or La Bota Punta

Their recent focus on sherry vinegars represents some of the most inspired selections to date. Vinagre de Jerez is one of the region's gastronomical treasures and the Reserva Botas Punta #112 is an extremely compelling example of what the category is capable of. 

The people behind the La Bota series describe the #112 as the baby brother to the #106, which was released last year. Our offer for the #106 was met with a huge response last December. At half of the price, the #112 offers an incredible price-to-quality ratio. 

This is a very old Vinagre de Jerez (around thirty years). The sherry was fifteen years old when it began its conversion to vinegar where it was aged for an additional fifteen years. It has a whopping amount of acetic acid and still has around 3% alcohol remaining. Typically, vinegar this old would be used to enhance younger ones. The people behind Equipo Navazos decided to bottle the entire barrel by itself to capture its extraordinary singular quality. 

This is an incredibly concentrated and intense vinegar that's intended to be used in drops. It brings a haunting complexity when used to finish braises. When used judiciously, it brings an incredible amount of depth to dishes along with the soaring aromatics that you would expect.

Many of their releases have been absolutely shocking even to people very knowledgeable about sherry. Things like the Manzanilla Pasada "Bota Punta," a Fino-Amontillado based on PX, and an old, very complex cream sherry along with incredible spirit releases. Their Vinagre de Jerez releases demand to be included in their most ambitious releases and has to be included among the world's great vinegars.

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Joe Salamone
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