Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Part Two
2018 Envinate Benje Tinto

Posted by Joe Salamone

Last week, we offered Envinate's 2018 Benje Blanco. Twenty-four hours later, it was gone. Today, we're happy to offer their Benje Tinto.

There's no doubt that it will also be sold out in a flash. The Tinto is even more limited than Blanco.

It's very easy to understand the excitement around these wines. They offer up honest, terroir stamped purity, and in the case of the Benje bottling values that's seriously hard to compete with.

product photo of the featured bottle focused on the front label

The Benje Tinto comes mainly from Listan Prieto in old and ungrafted vineyards at an elevation of 1,000 meters. The wine very much carries the imprint of the sandy volanic soils that it's grown in.

The 2018 makes for delightful drinking. There's a snappy and soaring wildness to it. You get an incerdible procession of spice, flowers, bright red fruits, and herbs. The thread of volcanic minerality gives the wine a pleasing finesse and there is plenty of textural appeal.

I'm going to bring this to a close. Envinate has such a strong following that there's not much of a point of belaboring this. Wines as compelling as Envinate rarely go unnoticed.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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