Hermannshöhle 2-Ways:
2015 Dönnhoff Hermannshöhle Spätlese
& Hermannshöhle GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

Helmut Dönnhoff says that he's only seen fruit as beautiful as it was in 2015 one other time, 1971.

It's clear that word is out on 2015 Germany. People have been hitting us up with requests and buying very deep.

There's a magic to the vintage. The 2015s are extroverted and glossy. At the same time, they are marked by a verve and ultra-clear cool fruit profile. The combination is shocking - pure, explosive fruit and depth with crackling acidity.

Dönnhoff's success in 2015 is blatantly obvious. Dönnhoff has been one of Germany's benchmark producers for decades. The wines have a gorgeous polish, beautiful proportions and a sense of weightless elegance. These qualities absolutely flourish in 2015.

Niederhauser Hermannshöhle is Dönnhoff's crown jewel and the family's oldest site. It is without a doubt one of the Nahe's top vineyard sites. The wines rival the best anywhere with power, length, and elegance. Above all, Hermannshöhle has a refinement and completeness that separates it from the pack.

The 2015 Hermannshöhle Spätlese is captivating. It offers up tons of finesse, lift and clarity. There's a lovely expansiveness with serious intensity while walking on tip-toes. John Gilman nails it when he writes, "truly stunning elegance and refinement."

The 2015 Hermannshöhle GG flaunts just how graceful, intricate and simply profound this wine can be. It offers up amazingly bright aromatics of citrus, flowers, complex stone fruits and minerality. There's a blazingly pure refinement that really dazzles.

This is a riveting duo of wines. For Dönnhoff fans, these are not to be missed.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2015 Dönnhoff Hermannshöhle

Spätlese & Hermannshöhle GG