Hermitage's Master - U.S. Debut: 07 Chave Hermitage Farconnet

Posted by Ian McFadden

U.S. Debut from Hermitage Master
2007 Chave Hermitage Farconnet
Lowest Price in the Nation

For Syrah, Chave's Hermitage is the Holy Grail.

That's the way his Hermitage is talked about and that's the way it's chased.

Unsurprisingly, that's also the way it's priced. Current vintages command anywhere from $150-$500 per bottle.

For Chave fans, this debut is huge news - it's the first new Hermitage release we've seen from Chave since 1990, the first vintage of his epic Cuvée Cathelin.

Simply put, Hermitage is Syrah that's unmatched for its power, ageworthiness and noble splendor. And Chave is the uncontested master of the appellation.

There is simply no one family that has had more experience with Syrah (the Chaves have been in the Rhône since 1481) and no one coaxes more intensity, more complexity, and more refinement from Syrah.

Farconnet draws on Chave's long established connections in Hermitage and their unparalleled knowledge of its intricate terroir. The wine is part of Chave's quality obsessed negociant project. Compared to Chave's mighty Hermitage, Farconnet is more accessible in terms of both style and price.

There's a striking depth of complexity and elegance to Farconnet - you're obviously in the hands of a master and dealing with an exulted terroir. Farconnet possesses a wonderfully seductive combination of rich, spice dusted red fruits and crushed rocks. The seamless coupling of power with a finessed thread of acidity makes for a captivating wine.

At the heart of it is the fact that Chave is just a brilliant blender - an orchestral conductor whose work is only paralleled by the great Chefs du Caves of Champagne. With Farconnet, he's working with some heavy hitting terroirs that he selected to complement each other. The results show Chave's unsurpassed skill with selecting sites to blend.

Of the great terroirs that make up Farconnet, Greffieux is the headliner - the very stony site is called the "Cote-Rotie of Hermitage" for its supple tannins and elegance. It's on the shortlist of Hermitage's top sites. Along with Greffieux, Diognières adds spice and Péleat adds a silken, elegance.

It's Chave's adeptness with blending that allows Farconnet to be complicated by so many nuances and strut this layered complexity in a way that makes the wine easy to drink today. While it has a strong ten years ahead of it, you should have no fear pulling a cork this summer to serve with a nice grilled steak.

For lovers of refinement and value, Chave's 07 Hermitage Farconnet is worth snapping up in quantity. The price quality ratio is just that compelling. Here we have the rare chance to have a master within reach.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits