Historic Vintage - Perfectly Proportioned: 2002 Huet Clos du Bourg Moelleux

Posted by Joe Salamone

Historic Vintage
- Perfectly Proportioned
2002 Domaine Huet
Clos du Bourg Moelleux
Lowest Price in the Nation

2002 was a watershed vintage for Huet - along with 71 and 89, it's the greatest vintage of the past forty years. Huet's 02s clearly show just how profound and ageworthy Chenin Blanc can be.

Chenin Blanc is an indisputably noble grape, and no one produces Chenin as refined and complex as Huet. Huet is simply one of the great domaines of the world.

Their sweet wines are all but immortal, especially in a vintage like 2002.

We've been huge fans of Huet's 2002s since release and as time has gone on, we've only grown more impressed with the wines. Whenever we see a well-priced parcel, we jump on it.

Fans of Huet are lucky: the estate holds a deep library of back-vintages. However, as word has spread about Huet, there's less and less wine available. People who've followed the great traditional Riojas of Lopez de Heredia will be familiar with what will likely happen with Huet's back-vintages. Prices will climb considerably as the cellars are emptied. In short, now's the time to buy before prices go up and the wine disappears from the market.

Huet's Moelleux are without a doubt in the category of the greatest and the most ageworthy sweet wines in the world, yet they come at simply ridiculous values for their quality.

This is our second offer of Huet's 02 Bourg Moelleux (our first was in June of 2011.) I'm very happy to be able to revisit this wine. What makes Huet's 2002s stand out is easy: they're finely balanced. It may sound like a small thing, but wines of such fine calibration are extremely rare. You have it in 71 and 01 Germans, 78 and 01 Barolos and in 71 and 02 Loire Chenin Blanc.

Huet's 02 Bourg Moelleux is beautifully integrated, elegant, and concentrated wine. It's almost perfectly proportioned.

Somewhere between the textured richness of Sauternes and the sleek clarity of higher-Prädikat Riesling (Auslesen, BAs and TBAs), Vouvray Moelleux are rounded, elegant and weighty, yet the greats (like Huet) are sculpted, styled, buoyed by their acidity.

These are wines that you can essentially open at any point in their development. Upon release, Huet's Moelleux are all fresh and aglow with succulent bright citrus. And with every year of age, each element weaves in and out of one another, so that the tapestry becomes more and more complex, mysterious, and evocative over 20, 30... 50 years and more.

In all likelihood, this will be the last chance at a historic vintage for one of the great wines of the world and one of the great values. Our advice is to stock up now.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
Crush Wine & Spirits