Holiday Mixed Case: Lowest Pricing on Every Bottle!

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Holiday Mixed Case
BIG Savings on our Seasonal Sampler
All Bottles Discounted Nearly 20% and Suited to the Season!

Much has changed since our autumn mixed case offer two months ago. Out come the hats and gloves (save for the recent, lovely, balmy stint), in come daydreams about side dishes for Thanksgiving, around come invites for holiday fêtes...

We're right there with you and figured it was high time to get together a mixed case to cover the even cooler temperatures ahead along with all the parties and meals that the next six weeks have in store. Not only does this case cover the requisite Champagne for toasting and the sturdy red for cold nights in, it's also got your gift-wrapping companion and your holiday table tipple.

As usual, this holiday mixed case represents the BEST DEAL on each of these wines: a stellar cast of bottles - almost $50 off the case - and perfectly suited for the season!

Photograph by Angelo Amboldi

Jumping right in with the reds, we've selected Michel Tête's meaty 09 Beaujolais (you HAVE to try a 2009 Beaujolais) and, from further south yet in a similar style, Maxime Magnon's La Démarrante. Both offer pure, food-friendly deliciousness that comes in handy this time of year while also delivering an interesting minerality that encourages further study - ideal for those quiet nights in when your gift-wrapping marathon could use some company.

Speaking of study, we decided to include two different northern Italian Nebbiolos (the grape that goes into Barolo and Barbaresco) to showcase the range of one of Italy's most noble grapes. First is Triacca's Sassella from the Valtellina, where terraced vineyards sit on the boarder between Lombardia and Switzerland. Triacca shows the gamey, nervy and pungent side of Nebbiolo, while Vallana's Colline Novaresi shows the richer, more dried cherry fruit side of the grape - it's more extroverted and party-appropriate, the less contemplative of the two. Both are perfectly suited to the late fall table.

And for that first really, really cold day, we've included the Umathum Zweigelt, a full-bodied, denser selection with a fair amount of polish and smoky allusions that will go well with a cozy evening in with a rich stew and good friends.

As for the whites, we continue with the Alpine Italian theme by including Pavese's Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle, a floral, energetic white from the Valle d'Aosta. There's also Martin Arndorfer's Vorgeschmack, a lively blend of Grüner and Riesling that's perfect for parties.

Finally, we've included a Champagne - 'tis the season, after all. Dehours Grand Reserve Extra Brut offers up festive bubbles with good richness along with classic Pinot Meunier notes of Mandarin orange and an earthy minerality. Here's to the holidays!

The full list of wines is listed below. Please email us at or call the store at (212) 980-9463 to take advantage of this opportunity to drink well while watching the final leaves fall from the trees - and perhaps the first flurries fall from the sky.

And check out our website regularly, because as the seasons change, so will our mixed case. In fact, we will always have a tailored mixed case available online, so when these 12 bottles run out, don't hesitate to reorder.

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Holiday Mixed Case

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2009 Tête Beaujolais-Village
Another impressive entry from the 09 Beaujolais vintage. There's plenty of concentration and meatiness for a Beaujolais-Villages, with blueberry fruit and a food-friendly vibrancy.  

2007 Triacca Valtellina Superiore Sassella
From steeply terraced slopes that border Switzerland, this is Nebbiolo full of perfume and gamey notes with a nervy backbone. 

2007 Vallana Colline Novaresi
Northern Nebbiolo, take two. This shows plusher texture and more dried fruit than the Triacca, and it's a bit more accessible and extroverted. 

2009 Apicella Piedirosso

Here's a charming southern Italian wine that delivers its spice and smokiness with a sense of liveliness. This is flat-out drinkable and perfect for red sauces and salumi. 

2009 Fronton de Oro Tradicional
From the Canary Islands, this blend of Listan Negro and Tintilla delivers pepper, dark fruits and a distinctive minerality. Honest and intriguing. 

2008 Umathum Zweigelt
This fairly full-bodied Austrian entry is perfectly in tune with the season. Dark cherry fruits and smoke are complemented by floral notes. For all its density on the palate, a nice brightness is maintained.

2009 Magnon Demarrante
Magnon's blend of Carignan and Cinsault has become a favorite around the store for delivering complexity and outright deliciousness. Magnon studied with Beaujolais cult winemaker Yvon Metras, and his Languedoc wines show many similarities to Beaujolais, but with an undeniably wild, herbal, Mediterranean vibe.


2009 Pavese Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle
From Italy's strikingly beautiful alpine region of Valle d'Aosta comes this wine based on the Prie Blanc grape. These vines are planted at some of the highest elevations in all of Europe. The wine is led by minerals and flowers with a zingy citrus current. Great as an aperitif or with light seafood and fish.

2008 Cadette Bourgogne Blanc Vezelay
Hailing just southeast of Chablis and sharing its Kimmeridgean soils, Cadette's Vezelay delivers a very similar range of flavors at a fraction of the price. Chalk, floral notes, lemon all intermingle as a sneaky richness and depth accumulates on the back of the palate.

2005 Ca Lojera Lugana Superiore
The best Lugana we've tasted showing good palate presence and minerality with a sense of detail and clarity that's often lacking in Luganas.

2009 Arndorfer Vorgeschmack
This blend of Grüner and Riesling from Austria's Kamptal region is about fresh and bright flavors delivered in an appetizing uncomplicated manner.


Dehours Grand Reserve Extra Brut
Dehours is great source for Champagnes that deliver quite at bit of complexity at gentle price points. His Grand Reserve Extra Brut offers layers of stone fruits, exotically tinged citrus flavors and earthy minerality. A blend of 60% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir.

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