I can’t recall ever tasting a finer rose - 2011 Abbatucci Faustine Rose

Posted by Joe Salamone

"A bracing... bath in the ocean."
2011 Abbatucci Faustine Rosé
Essence of Corsica in Pink

"I can’t recall ever tasting a finer rose" -David Schildknecht

Today, we'd like to kick off rosé season with something impressive. Abbatucci's Rosé Faustine is, as Schildknecht's note makes clear, just gorgeous and compelling.

We've been fans of Abbatucci for some time. We penned our first email on their wines almost two years ago. Since then, the wines have been gaining steam and are on the cusp of blowing up.

Abbatucci is singlehandedly taking the wines of Corsica to a level that had seemed unimaginable. He's putting this esoteric island on the world stage.

Abbatucci's 2011 Rosé Faustine is a beautiful example of the top-to-bottom quality of the estate. Not to mention their exactingness in rendering Corsica's unique terroir.

We're happy to offer it today at $31.95.

Abbatucci's Faustine Rosé is a blend of two local (and obscure) grapes, Sciacarellu and Barbarossa. It's a study in ocean and sunbaked earth. There's an unmistakable sea breeze saline minerality along with herbal notes. Layers of citrus zest add yet another dimension of complexity to the wines.

For us, it occupies a middle zone between the deep, structured rosés of Chateau Simone or Valentini's Cerasuolo and fresher, more imminently drinkable Provencal rosés that are meant to be drunk in quantity in the sun.

In brief, Abbatucci's Faustine Rosé isn't short on complexity, but it does possess the cracking acidity and refreshment that heavier rosés, like Simone, just don't have in their youth.

This is a great time to catch the 2011. It's really improved with some time in the bottle - it's stretched out a bit and more complexities have come to the forefront, the mysterious minerality has deepened.

Abbatucci's vineyards are on pink granite soils near the island's capital of Ajaccio. It's here that Abbatucci spoils his vines, adhering strictly to biodynamic methods and stretching his care to the most far-fetched details: He even plays traditional Corsican polyphonic music in his vineyards and cellars. It might sound far-out... but it also highlights his level of dedication. I guess, also, the wines themselves take care of emphasizing that.

Quantities are very limited. This offer is only going out to a small list, but I doubt that any wine will remain at the end of the day.

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David Schildknecht: "The Abbatucci 2011 Ajaccio Rose Faustine – 70% Sciacarellu; 30% Barbarossa (another of Corsica’s ancient Italian transplants, in this instance from Emilia-Romagna) – launches an exuberant charm offensive on the nose, with pungent pink grapefruit and blood orange rinds; resinous herbs and coniferous scrub; ocean breeze; and intimations of the fresh red currant and oyster liqueur that go on to strikingly vie for attention with citrus oils and herbal essences on an exceptionally bright, concentratedly interactive palate. This finishes with a bracing, saliva-liberating bath in the ocean. Expect at least another 9-12 months’ delicious versatility, but beyond that I don’t yet have the experience to project. (I’ll try to keep my hands off of my last bottle for a couple of years.) I can’t recall ever tasting a finer rose, and it certainly counts as an outstanding value."
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