If there were a mouthwash called 'Essence Of Riesling' - 2012 Alzinger Riesling Liebenberg

Posted by Joe Salamone

Austrian Rarity
- Only Bottles in the U.S.
2012 Alzinger Riesling Liebenberg

"If there were a mouthwash called 'Essence Of Riesling' it would taste like this. A huge volume of flavor, and just a little of what we’d call 'fruit.'" - Terry Thiese

In his typically colorful fashion, Theise gets to the heart of things.

Alzinger is one of our favorite producers in all of Austria. The range is a pristine little assortment of the grandest, most mineral and meditative wines from Austria.

For me, Riesling Liebenberg is one of the wines that epitomize the calm delicacy of Alzinger. It's a beautifully detailed wine with more flowers and mineral than fruit. Very very fine and long.

It's also very rare. These are the only bottles available in the U.S.

The 2012 vintage in Austria combines fairly lavish textures with a dynamic acid backbone. There's a weight to the wines, but also an elegance and nimbleness. Alzinger excelled in this vintage.

In particular, the 2012 Liebenberg is very likely the most fascinating version of this wine I've tasted. Liebenberg is a cool terraced site. And in 2012 it has a piercing mineral clarity that's riveting. There are shimmering citrus notes to the wine with layers of sweet herbs and crushed white flowers.

I'm going to keep this one short. The quantities are small and since this is only going to a small group of Riesling fanatics, most of you are well aware of just how good Alzinger is.

I'll just say this: For those of you fascinated by the whispering delicacy and cool minerality of Alzinger, 2012 Liebenberg is something really worth checking out. Liebenberg is an archetype of these qualities.

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