Immortal - 2005 Huet Vouvray Moelleux Cuvee Constance

Posted by Ian McFadden

"The Huet 2005 Vouvray Cuvée Constance will be virtually ageless"
2005 Domaine Huet Vouvray Moelleux
Cuvée Constance
Lowest Price in the Nation

"Anyone hoping to net and pin down in words this splendid butterfly of a wine will fail, but if you do pin down a bottle, let it soar across the next several decades." -David Schildknecht

Huet is one of the grandest names in winemaking and their wines represent the pinnacle of Vouvray and Chenin Blanc - there is just no denying this.

At the top of their hierarchy is the Cuvée Constance.

As Schildknecht's note above makes clear, words just don't do justice to the uniqueness and extraordinary quality here.

Alongside the likes of Yquem and the Mosel’s legendary TBA's, Huet’s Cuvée Constance is one of the greatest and most ageworthy sweet wines in the world.

Constance is a rigorous selection from the three vineyards of Huet: Le Mont, Clos du Bourg and Le Haut Lieu. As Schildknecht notes, it's "a virtually berry-by-berry selection of perfectly botrytized fruit." Huet is ruthlessly focused on quality, but Constance is their most painstaking effort.

The results are a monumentally sweet Vouvray that explodes with layered complexity and palate-staining concentration. For all its intensity, Constance is animated by citrus and bright acids. It remains poised, agile and elegant.

2005 was a near-perfect vintage, especially for Moelleux wines. As Schildknecht notes, "the grandchildren of today’s growers will be relishing comparisons between them [the 05s] and the 2002s."

When it comes to aging, the longevity of Huet's Moelleux is legendary.

And with every passing year, each element weaves in and out of one another, so that the tapestry becomes more and more complex, mysterious, evocative. With time the sugar integrates into the wine and it becomes less sweet, more complex. Few wines marry actual lightness to such a sensation of density in such a seamless, integrated fashion.

2005 Constance promises to be an epic for one of the world's finest domaines. Expect it to evolve over the next several decades and well beyond. We have a very limited quantity at the lowest pricing in the country.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

David Schildknecht:
"Comprising a virtually berry-by-berry selection of perfectly botrytized fruit from each of the domaine’s three sites, the Huet 2005 Vouvray Cuvee Constance will be virtually ageless. Quince jelly, marzipan, lemon candy, heliotrope, and honey levitate from the glass, in anticipation of the startling elegance, lift, and lightness of touch that this elixir exhibits on the palate, for all of its intensely honeyed richness. Fresh grapefruit and lemon leaven the wine and balance its 137 grams residual sugar, and the finish is astonishingly fresh and juicy, yet displays confectionary (marzipan, vanilla creme) and patisserie (buttered pastry with quince filling) sides as well. Anyone hoping to net and pin down in words this splendid butterfly of a wine will fail, but if you do pin down a bottle, let it soar across the next several decades."