Implausible Harmony:
Selosse Cuvée Initial & Version Originale

Posted by Ian McFadden

For decades, Selosse has been the iconic grower in Champagne. However, recently the wines have become impossible to find.

Selosse exists in his own realm. The Champagnes are some of the most captivating wines around. I can't think of another Champagne that delivers as much personality in such a seamless and finessed way.

Today, I'm happy to offer a small parcel of Initial and Version Originale. 

photo of bottles of Selosse Initial and VO

Initial is my go-to bottle of Selosse. Its energy and punchy minerality are endlessly appealing.

Initial's hallmarks are intensity and a fascinating, multifaceted complexity. It combines an outrageous purity with enveloping power. There's electric currents of citrus and minerality, while simultaneously possessing a profound textural complexity.

Compared to Selosse's Initial, Version Originale sees a larger portion of the Avize fruit (Avize is undoubtedly Selosse's spiritual home) and it's sourced from steeper slopes whereas Initial is sourced from a lower part on the slope. It occupies a very appealing middle ground between the snappier Initial and the oxidative and powerful Substance. This is Chardonnay of incredible stature, length, and purity. There seems to be an unending procession of nuances from chalk, smoke, and saline notes to impressions of golden pears, toffee and apple. V.O. is just a crazy complex wine.

Every time I drink one of Selosse's Champagnes, I'm enthralled by them. There's simply nothing out there that matches the originality and sheer depth of Selosse's wines. I'm very happy to offer. 

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

Selosse Cuvée Initial

Selosse Version Originale