In a word, stunning - 2005 Chateau de La Tour Clos Vougeot VV

Posted by Ian McFadden

"In a word, stunning"
2005 Chateau de La Tour Clos Vougeot VV
Break-Out Vintage: Clos Vougeot for the Ages

If you search Burghound for Clos Vougeot, you'll find a sea of Chateau de la Tour's wines at the top - 1885, 1904, 1945, and 2005.

By all accounts, Chateau de la Tour was the place for magical and long-lived Clos Vougeot back in the day.

The 2005 vintage marked their return to form, especially for their VV bottling. I remember tasting the '05 Clos Vougeot VV upon release and being completely blown away by it.

Like nearly everyone else, I'd never heard of the estate, but suddenly it assumed overnight cult status. It was for good reason; it's simply a stunning, life-affirming Burgundy.

Ever since that first encounter, I'm always on the hunt for Chateau de la Tour's Clos Vougeot. I've picked up small parcel's here and there, but never anything even close to satisfying. Things became much worse last January when Burghound re-tasted it and more or less flipped for it, giving it an even higher score than he did seven years ago.

The 2005 vintage in Burgundy is legendary. Without a doubt, it's one for the long haul. No young vintage that I've tasted has even come close to the power, structure and terroir expression.

Chateau de la Tour's Clos Vougeot has all of this in spades. It is intense and structured, delivering an enormous amount of punch and length. Burghound has written that it "leaves no doubt that this will last for 50 years or longer."

This is simply an insanely impressive wine with a really promising future ahead of it. When you factor in the life-span of the wine and the outright quality, it's one of the great values of the 2005 vintage. As I mentioned earlier, I'm always on the lookout for this wine, but I fear that I may never be able to replicate this offer again.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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