Insiders know Poggio di Sotto is the real deal - 2007 Poggio di Sotto Brunello di Montalcino

Posted by Ian McFadden

The Real Deal Brunello
2007 Poggio di Sotto
Brunello di Montalcino
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"Over the last decade or so, Poggio di Sotto has established itself as one of the cult producers in Montalcino... insiders know Poggio di Sotto is the real deal"
- Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate

Poggio di Sotto makes our style of Brunello: They thrive above all else on finesse and harmony. We are very selective with our Brunello offers, and Poggio di Sotto is always on the top of the list for exactly this reason.

Making the Burgundy comparison is, for sure, oversimplifying things a bit, but it's still apt. Poggio di Sotto is intently focused on delivering Brunello's Sangiovese Grosso grape in all its beauty, all its nobility. The results are strikingly Burgundian in their elegance, their soil inflection and overall subtlety.

The style calls to mind the classic and elite wines of Soldera and Montevertine. This isn't surprising - all three shared the insight of the same consultant, Giulio Gambelli, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Poggio di Sotto crafts wines of soul, clarity, and striking complexity.

It's for this reason that Poggio di Sotto has quickly become one of the more important estates in Tuscany, one of those producers discussed fervently by Brunello geeks across the world, mentioned in the same breath as Soldera and Cerbaiona.

On the 2007 vintage in Brunello, Antonio Galloni writes, "Vintage 2007 is a more than worthy follow-up to 2006. It’s hard to remember two consecutive vintages of this level in Montalcino."

Compared to the powerful, tannic bruisers that 2006 produced, 2007 produced more tender Brunellos with bright fruit and aromatics of sweet herbs and crushed flowers.

It's a vintage that's accessible, even flattering in its youth. Many people believe that, like 07 red Burgundy, the wines will not shut down, so you can open it tonight, ten years from now, and anywhere in-between.

Terroir and the ultimate expression of it via the Sangiovese grape has always been Poggio di Sotto's persevering goal. Elisabeta and Piero Palmucci set out in the 1980s to find the ideal piece of land in Brunello and for years studied soil types and microclimates where Sangiovese Grosso would thrive. In 1989, they found it in Castelnuovo dell’Abate. The vines have perfect southern exposure and marly soil, situated at 250-400 meters altitude.

Since then, they have pursued quality with unrelenting focus through biodynamic farming and restricting yields to achieve the greatest concentration and complexity of character possible.

All of their efforts have worked out very, very well. Poggio di Sotto is some of the most soulful and captivating Brunello di Montalcino around.

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Ian McFadden
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