Irresistible Chambolle: 2013 Hudelot-Noëllat Chambolle-Musigny

Posted by Ian McFadden

Irresistible Chambolle
2013 Hudelot-Noëllat Chambolle-Musigny

I'll get right to the point. Hudelot-Noëllat's 2013s are stunning.

For years, it's been impossible not to take notice of them. However, their 2013s are simply gorgeous.

With rapid speed, they've become one of the most exciting domaines in Burgundy. Pricing, thankfully, has not kept up with their swift ascent. Hudelot-Noëllat is one of my go-to producers for value.

Finding Chambolle at an affordable price is extremely difficult. Hudelot-Noëllat's is one of the best I know. Hudelot-Noëllat produces luxurious Burgundies that capture all of the sensual, spellbinding qualities of Chambolle. They deliver the finesse, perfume and silken elegance that make Chambolle so loved.

In 2013, this is emphatically so. As with many 2013s, Hudelot-Noëllat's are gorgeously pure and seductively textured. Even at the village level these are really exciting wines. There's such poise and elegance. The 2013 Hudelot-Noëllat manages to pull off immediate expressiveness and approachability with the balance and verve that will allow it to age well.

This is one of the great deals in 2013 Burgundy. It's just too good for the money.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
Crush Wine & Spirits