Jura Sparkles: The Best Sub-$25 Bubbly

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Ganevat "Oh!!"
Our Yearly Parcel has Just Arrived
(And will likely soon disappear!)

This is the best damn $25 sparkler we've tasted, hands down.

And as you may know, we're Champagne people... big Champagne people.

Escalating prices in this classic region, however, mean that it's become very hard to find any serious Champagne under $40. The great majority of sub-$30 sparklers have about as much personality as cardboard... sometimes less.

Jean-François Ganevat, on the other hand, is one of those uncompromising eccentrics - the wine he turns out, almost no matter the price, has a quality, a personality, a depth that is simply uncommon. This is our fourth consecutive year working with his "Oh!!" Crémant du Jura, and it has developed a rabid fan club: We get phone calls all year, from everywhere in the U.S., for this bottle.

It's understandable: This is unquestionably the best sparkler we've tried under the $25 mark.

This is a bottle with fresh, crisp green apple sharply cutting through the mid-palate. There is a natural clarity, an energy that feels suave and stylish, yet isn't over the top - this is a wine with personality. Above all it is about a fresh, clean and invigorating snap, a tension that is almost startling... perhaps inspiring the wine's name: "Oh!!"

If there's a more versatile wine, we'd like to know. The "Oh!!" is an excellent party wine, a great aperitif yet substantial enough to bring to the lunch or dinner table as well. In other words: Stock up.

We're proud to say we were the first store in the U.S. to support Ganevat, and though he's become a bit of a rock star among Jura fans (like Eric Asimov of The New York Times), Ganevat has remained loyal to us. His small seven-hectare estate turns out tiny amounts of wine, and we are the only one in the U.S. to receive any of his "Oh!!"

Made in the traditional méthode Champenoise, this new batch is beautiful. With Ganevat's newfound fame in the U.S. (he's been a darling of the natural winemaking scene in France for many years), he has only been working more rigorously in the vineyard and cellar. He's an uncompromising sort (the man doesn't even have a computer!), and his already insanely low yields have gotten more so in the last few years, which explains why pricing has gone up just the smallest bit since last year.

This has truly become a "cult sparkler" at the store - a wine where the yearly tranche gets a "first call" and "last call" simultaneously. The wine has just arrived and "FanFan" loyalists (that's Jean-François's nickname) are a demanding bunch!

If you're at all interested, please order quickly. This wine always sells out and "FanFan" does not make a lot of it. Once this parcel is gone, we're back to the waiting game.

To order, email us at offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

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Ganevat OH!! Crémant du Jura

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