JUST ARRIVED! $30 Keller Cult Wine: "von der Fels"

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The $30 Cult Wine from Keller
2011 Keller Riesling "von der Fels" Trocken
Our Parcel has JUST Arrived...!
Lowest Price in the Nation

This is, hands down, one of the greatest deals out there in the world of fine wine.

Keller's dry Riesling "von der Fels" is one of those reference point Rieslings - a bottle that is never far behind Keller's "Grand Crus" in quality yet clocks in at less than half the price.

It's that simple.

And the rather ludicrous quality/value ratio has rarely been missed by anyone. This is one of those wines that, year after year, is bought by the case load by the top Burgundy, Chablis, Austrian and German collectors.

In fact, over the last few years this wine - this email - has been one of our most popular of the year.

Klaus-Peter in his vineyard

Today, given the in-your-face beauty and energy of the 2011s, we are expecting nothing short of an avalanche.This is an early, first peek into this vintage which is as charming as any we've come across in the last decade,

2011 is a ripe, juicy-fresh vintage - it has the bright, energetic forwardness of 2001, 2005 and 2009. The best wines, rich with dry extract, have a wispy energy, a buoyant, bouncy mouthfeel that feels as if the minerality has somehow been given a kinetic quality - billions of mineral-electrons pulsating every nano-second.

The 2011 "von der Fels" is garden fresh, with an invigorating array of greens, from arugula to sugar snap peas to freshly cut flowers, all of this flooded by green apple, lime, orange zest and even grapefruit.

In its perky youth, and fresh off the boat - there is even a slight CO2 fizz you'll get if you crack open the bottle in the next week or two - the wine is airy and creamy, with sheened acids that keep the wine crackling and a yeastiness still present on the nose and the palate. (This too will integrate with time.)

Writes Mr. John Gilman plainly enough: "The 2011 von der Fels is a great bottle of dry Riesling." (Full review below.)

Tasting at the estate in late April

I would imagine, by this point, the Keller estate needs little introduction. Since Klaus-Peter Keller has taken the reins this estate has become one of the most famous in Germany, especially revered for their dry Rieslings.

Jancis Robinson penned in the Financial Times: "[Keller's] wines are the German Montrachets." While Keller's Rieslings were already highly sought out among German wine fanatics, this sort of publicity changed the game.

Over the last few years dry Riesling has made more and more fans among wine drinkers more familiar with white Burgundy, Chablis, the Loire Valley (think Muscadet, Sancerre) and the crisp whites of northern Italy. A Riesling renaissance is under way and Keller is at the front of the pack.

The "von der Fels" delivers the precision, the raciness, the finesse that has made Keller so famous. And it's $30. Don't miss.

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Stephen Bitterolf
Wine Director
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"The 2011 von der Fels is a great bottle of dry Riesling. The superb bouquet delivers a complex mélange of grapefruit, tart orange, petrol, crystalline minerality, a touch of smoke and a
topnote of citrus zest. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied, pure and very marked by its limestone base of soil, with laser-like focus, racy acids and great cut, length and grip on the absolutely elegant and impressively reserved finish. If one cannot latch onto a few bottles of the various Grosses Gewächs bottlings in 2011, one could do a lot worse that popping a case of this outstanding dry Riesling in the cellar." -John
Gilman, View from the Cellar