Kabinett as the ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Bottle? 2012 Vollenweider Goldgrube Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

Kabinett as the ULTIMATE Thanksgiving Bottle?
2012 Vollenweider Goldgrube Kabinett
Special Turkey Day Pricing!

This is one of the most dazzling Kabinetts we’ve ever tasted – a high-wire, kaleidoscopic fireworks show of fruit, minerality and acidity.

With the big holiday dinner only three days away, it’s time to declare (once again) that the Kabinett may very well be the ultimate Thanksgiving wine. It’s versatile, able to pair with cranberries as easily as it does with turkey and stuffing. It is also refreshing and (important for long meals) low in alcohol.

Special holiday pricing makes this a wine to go long on, because Vollenweider’s 2012 Kabinett is a masterpiece. (The four-pack pricing reflects the pedigree and structure of this wine, which can easily be enjoyed on Thanksgiving 2023, if you have the patience and room in the cellar.)

Indeed, this is one of the most thrilling Kabinetts of the vintage – a force of nature that is both lavish and tense. And 2012 has produced some absolutely spectacular Kabinetts. Not since 2001 have we seen a vintage that combines such pure, deep fruit with such rigorous, crystalline acidities.

The best 2012 Kabinetts are gems, and Vollenweider’s Kabinett shines bright with its notes of ultra-pure citrus and pulverized slate and its lithe frame.

Comparisons are always subjective and hard to pinpoint, but there is something about the power, depth and purity of the fruit that reminds one of A.J. Adam’s masculine Kabinetts. And there is something about the lift of Vollenweider’s Kaibnett, its extreme focus and razor-sharp lines that reminds one of the supreme elegance of an Egon Müller Kabinett.

In fact, the wines of Egon Müller were the revelation that inspired Daniel Vollenweider to move from Switzerland to the Mosel Valley, with the lone goal of making Mosel Riesling. This goal was realized with the 2000 vintage and one lonely hectare of old vines in the once-famous Wolfer Goldgrube.

In 2003 (only Daniel's third vintage) he was awarded the winemaking "Discovery of the Year" by the influential wine publication Gault Millau. By 2009 the same publication had him ranked at four stars, the same level as heavy-weights Karthäuserhof, Schloss Lieser, Willi Schaefer and Zilliken.

In Germany, Vollenweider is considered one of the masters of Mosel winemaking. Daniel is one of the most gifted winemakers in the Mosel, especially for Prädikat wines (Kabinett, Spätlese, etc). This is a winemaker, an estate, that is just now being properly discovered in the U.S.

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Vollenweider’s Kabinett is in stock and available for Thursday’s big dinner. However, Thanksgiving is only the most immediate stage for this wine to shine – so take advantage of the special 4-pack pricing and hold on to a couple of bottles. Please note that quantities are limited.

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