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Posted by Joe Salamone

It's rare that we begin an email by simply saying "Buy this", but that might be the best approach here.

Equipo Navazo is famous for producing utterly compelling sherries. They've achieved a level of fame that makes much in the way of an introduction pretty unnecessary. 

photo of bottles of red and white La Bota vermouth

Beyond sherry, the Equipo Navazos team has focused releases that explore the depth of sherry country’s offerings. This includes spirits, unfortified wines, incredible vinegars, and now a red and white vermouth (or vermut in Spain).  

Even before we received the Vermouths, we were receiving emails from customers asking if we were expecting to receive them. The moment that the wine hit our warehouse we brought bottles over to the store to taste. 

All of the staff loved both of the vermouths. It's rare to see the staff so unanimously excited by something that we open. This underscores how successful and fascinating these vermouths are. 

The Vermut Blanco Seco is based on fino sherry. It's amazingly deep, savory, and saline-tinged. Trying to capture how multifaceted and incredibly nuanced this dry white vermouth is is close to impossible. It's perfect on its own with a twist. 

The Rosso is based on Oloroso and is beautifully balanced. This isn't a knock against it, but it's not as mind-bendingly complicated as the Blanco, and easier to imagine using it in your favorite cocktail. It has a lovely bitterness with notes of citrus and spice. 

This is an offer where I wish that I had more available. Both of these are fun to have around, but I'd bet they'll disappear in the next couple of days. It's definitely worth taking advantage of the special 4-pack pricing. 

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone
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