Landmark Vintage: Sub-$40 Traditional Rioja: 2001 Pecina Vendimia Seleccionada Reserva

Posted by Ian McFadden

Landmark Vintage:
Traditional Rioja
2001 Peciña Vendimia
Seleccionada Reserva

Old-school Rioja is simply a thing of beauty.

And when you have great vintage like 2001 and a wine like Peciña's Seleccionada Reserva, it's something to pay close attention to.

I'm an unrepentant Burgundy fanatic, but when I taste something that offers value the way that Peciña's 2001 Seleccionada Reserva does, I get really excited.

This is definitely a "Back Up The Truck" worthy wine. Peciña's 2001 Seleccionada Reserva thrives on its elegance, it's subtlety, yet boasts an undeniable complexity, concentration and impressive sense of completeness.

2001 in Rioja is a vintage where magic happened. The only worthy comparison that the region's producers can make is with the legendary 1964 vintage. When I talk about the complexity, balance and perfect proportions in the Peciña, I'm talking about the sort of thing that happens when the stars align. Compare 2001 in Rioja to 71 in Germany, 78 in Barolo and 05 in Burgundy.

Peciña's Riojas are some of our favorite wines coming out of the region, right up there with Lopez de Heredia and La Rioja Alta.

Seleccionada Reserva represents a special selection of the best vineyards made in only the best years and aged longer. This reserva bottling showcases what Rioja is capable of when a great vintage and great winemaking meet.

For many years, the Riojas that grabbed peoples' attention were full throttle, dark bruisers loaded with extract. Lately, the pendulum has swung back and the classic, old-school Riojas have been finding new favor. We're very happy to see this. For us, these are some of the world's great wines.

By traditional Rioja standards, Hermanos de Peciña is a relatively new estate. It was founded in 1992. Pedro Peciña had worked for over 20 years prior to that as the head agronomist for La Rioja Alta. This gave him very intimate knowledge of the grand vineyards of the region, along with its rich history of traditional production.

Now with his own estate, which for Rioja is on the small side, Peciña is now meticulously following careful old-school methods and organic viticulture. This size lets Peciña follow the twice-a-year racking regiment of traditionally produced Rioja by hand - something that's virtually unheard of in a region where pumps are commonly used. The oxygen exposure of the process is a key element in the traditional process.

It's wonderful, and sadly not that common, to be able to offer mature wines that can be drunk right away, and without breaking the bank. With thirteen years of age, this wine is beginning to drink absolutely beautifully and will drink well for many, many years. It's the balance and concentration that will allow it to age very, very well.

We suggest that you go deep. Vintages like 2001 and values like this are very rare.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits

2001 Peciña Vendimia
Seleccionada Reserva