Lapierre Two-Ways: With and Without Sulfur

Posted by Joe Salamone

Lapierre Two-Ways:
With and Without Sulfur
2013 Lapierre Morgon
Sulfured and Unsulfured

Lapierre is one of the most beloved producers of Beaujolais, and it's nice to be able to offer the rarely seen Sans Soufre.

Few wines in the world offer the sheer joy that Lapierre does.

We love the sulfured bottling. All of us here drink it by the gallon. If the Sans Soufre bottling were more available, we'd drink tons of that, too. Having the two side by side is a really illuminating experience. Just to say this from the outset, from our tastings over the years there's no clear winner between the sulfured and unsulfured bottlings. They're just different.

We've made the comparison a bunch of times over many vintages and it's one very much worth making. Generally speaking, the Sans Soufre is more expressive, deeper and with a more intense mineral impression. The sulfured version is snappier, more linear and brighter. The comparison is definitely something that's better experienced than explained.

2013 is not a powerful vintage for Beaujolais and we really like it exactly that way. There's a beautiful clarity and energy to the vintage. Both contribute to a supremely delicious and fascinating cast of wines. Of course, it's no surprise that Lapierre thrived in these conditions.

Lapierre's '13, with or without sulfur, boasts Morgon's wild cherry fruit with a particular clarity and with minerals and herbs lending to a building complexity. Lapierre is always one of the most wildly gulpable and delightful wines around, but the 2013s are particularly so.

There's a huge intellectual appeal to see how a wine with a small amount of sulfur and one with none distance themselves from each other, but even more than that these are just bottles that are fun to drink and versatile on the table.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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