Lauer and Old Vines: Past & Present - 2012 Lauer Kupp GG & 2011 Lauer Kupp 56

Posted by Joe Salamone

Lauer and Old Vines:
Past & Present
2012 Lauer Kupp GG
& 2011 Lauer Kupp 56

2012 is a historic vintage for Lauer - it's their first release of Grosses Gewächs.

Lauer's rise to stardom has been swift, on both sides of the Atlantic. Their acceptance in the VdP (the elite growers association in Germany) in January 2013 highlights their skyrocketing fame. Along with acceptance came the ability to release Grosses Gewächs.

For the 2012 vintage, Lauer released three GGs. A month ago we offered two of them: Saarfeilser and Schonfels. They sold out quickly, allocations were ugly, etc.

Today, we present the third GG, from Ayler Kupp. We have less of this wine. And this gives us a chance to send this offer to a smaller list and do something a little more studious.

This is a plan that we came up with last winter when we heard that Lauer would be releasing their first GGs. Lauer's Kupp GG '12 is sourced from the same old vine parcel as what had been labeled Kupp 56. Our idea was to buy extra 2011 to compare the wine before and after being designated a Grosses Gewächs '12.

Both wines are sourced from a choice mid-slope parcel of vines that were planted by Florian Lauer's grandfather in 1956.

The two wines really stand on their own, but this is definitely a case where curiosity got the best of us. It's a comparison that's very much worthwhile. And we've created two-packs (one of each) for this reason.

The Kupp 56 was one of our favorites of Lauer's 2011s. In general, 2011 is a rounder, more fruit-led vintage. With that said, we've been really happy with how the '56 has evolved: the acid has surfaced from underneath the fruit and a fairly firm spine has begun to reveal itself.

At this point, the 2012 vintage doesn't need an introduction. It's extremely fresh and clear with good concentration. There's very good reason to believe that this is the best vintage that we've seen in the last decade. Lauer's Kupp GG delivers everything that you would expect from a great vintage and a top site. The precision, elegance and complexity are that impressive.

I'll cut this short. Lauer is one of the producers who's closest to our hearts. This is Saar Riesling in its most glorious form - bright, transparent, nimble and finessed.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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