Lejay Creme de Cassis

Posted by Daniel Stenson

Join us on Friday, September 12th from 5:30 to 7:30 to taste Lejay Crème de Cassis.

To make this liqueur, the cassis fruit (also known as blackcurrant) is harvest just one during summer in Burgundy and other northern regions in France.

Lejay uses a special technique for delicately harvesting cassis in small trays, in order to avoid any phenomenon of unwanted crushing or quick fermentation, which could affect the taste of the fruit.

History of Lejay
In 1841, Auguste Denis Lagoute created the original Crème de Cassis. Henri Lejay, who married Elisabeth Lagoute, daughter of the founder, quickly made his mark in the family House.

The Lejay and Lagoute families had sealed their destinies.

Since then, generation to generation have joyfully paid homage to the nobility of the fruit.