"Lightness and finesse not seen in a decade"
Kabinett Week, Part II (A Lauer World Premiere)

Posted by Joe Salamone

The truth of a vintage.

Lauer has never made this wine before.

The 2020 vintage provided Florian Lauer with some of the greatest Kabinett fruit he had seen in his winemaking career. 

photo of Lauer Riesling Kabinett Fass 87

Today we are proud to present part II of our "Kabinett Week," Florian Lauer's haunting Kabinett Fass 87 at as low as $26.95. (See here if you missed part I, Daniel Vollenweider's Goldgrube Kabinett.)

The Fass 87, which Florian lovingly calls his "Special Edition," is a village-level Kabinett; it is sourced from parcels in four separate vineyards in Ayl (including the Grand Cru Kupp). 

It is perhaps the most linear and finessed of the Lauer Kabinetts. Harvested at only 80 Oechsle with a fierce, nearly 10 grams of acidity per liter, this wine is bracing. If it doesn't have the fortress-like structure of the single-vineyard Fass 8 (worth buying if you can find it!), there is something haunting about the filigreed, playful, simply weightless effect of the wine.

This wine presents, in a way, everything that a Kabinett should be: joy, ease, energy, deliciousness. There is no way this wine doesn't win the "first bottle empty on the table" award. 

This is a perfect moment to go long on the Kabinett. Vintage 2020 has given us some of the most singular and finessed Kabinetts of the decade.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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