Limestone Speaks: Eye-Opening - 2013 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Muschelkalk

Posted by Joe Salamone

Enderle & Moll's are some of the most captivating and eye-opening Pinots you'll ever taste. There's simply nothing to compare them to in all of Germany.

Back in 2010, we introduced their first vintage to the U.S.

Enderle & Moll's importer basically said, "you have to taste these." We were immediately impressed.

Since then, the wines have improved greatly. Enderle & Moll is producing some of the most fascinating Pinot's we've tasted. They're wild, beautifully aromatic and thrive on an intensity married to a dancing elegance.

Enderle & Moll's entire range is great, but it's impossible not to single out Muschelkalk. It's the finest, most mineral and lifted of the line-up. Mushelkalk is a shell limestone site. The vines are the oldest ones in the village, planted in 1953.

Enderle & Moll really have the touch. The differences between their terroirs is rigorously displayed. A good amount of credit has to go to their work in the vineyards - they're incredibly conscientious, following biodynamic principles. Everything is hands-on. Sven Enderle and Florian Moll basically do everything themselves. The grapes go into an old basket press and then, into older Burgundy barrels.

The result is in stark contrast to what German fanatics would expect from Baden. The region put itself on the map with dense, powerful Pinots that may impress with their full throttle impact, but drinking more than a glass can feel like a chore. Enderle & Moll's Pinots, and especially the Muschelkalk, are light-colored and beautifully light on their feet. The intensity is there, but it's delivered on tip-toes, like a ballerina with boxing gloves.

The 2013 Mushelkak is one of the most exciting non-Burgundian Pinots we've tasted all year. Beyond this, they're heartfelt and honest. Every time I taste the Mushelkalk, there's a mysterious depth that I can't get to the bottom of. For me, this is the highest praise you can give to a bottle.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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