Loire Elite: Old and Ungrafted Vines
- 2016 Roches Neuves Saumur-Champigny: Franc de Pied & Les Mémoires

Posted by Joe Salamone

Thierry Germain and his Roches Neuves firmly holds a place among the Loire's elite. The past few vintages testify to the fact that he is at the top of his game.

Today, we're excited to offer two of his top Cabernet Franc's from 2016, Franc de Pied and Les Mémoires.

The 2016 vintage was a low yielding one that really required producers to work hard. Roches Neuves 2016s stand out for the way they carry their concentration with seamless and intricate vibrancy.

Starting with the Franc de Pied, it's based on vines that haven't been grafted on to American root stock as nearly all of Europe's vines have been to escape phylloxera. Germain planted Franc de Pied Cabernet Franc vines at high density in sandy soils in 2004. Since its first release in 2008, it's been one of his most fascinating wines.

Roches Neuves' Franc de Pied delivers an entirely different textural dimension, length and precision than his other wines. There's a delicacy to the 2016 Franc de Pied and a subtle floral and herb-tinged complexity that's endlessly intriguing.

Les Mémoires’ 108-year-old vines dig deep into limestone soils and turn out concentrated grapes that possess a haunting, nuanced complexity and noble stature. It is one of the most profound expressions of Cabernet Franc. In 2016, it soars with spice, flowers, earth and dark fruits, all effortlessly woven together.

These are two of the most extraordinary expressions of Cabernet Franc to be found in the Loire. Before wrapping up, I should warn you that whenever we offer Roches Neuves it sells out quickly. This year we have less available than usual. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

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