Loire Royalty in a Watershed Vintage: 1989 Huet Vouvray Moelleux Le Haut Lieu

Posted by Joe Salamone

Loire Royalty in a Watershed Vintage
1989 Huet Vouvray Le Haut Lieu Moelleux

Huet's 1989s are legendary. Many view them as that decades equivalent of the great 71s.

I've always really loved this vintage at Huet. Ten or so years ago, there were good amount of '89s on the market and we drank them with abandon.

Across the board Huet's 1989 Moelleuxs have the depth, the poise and the regal complexity that only the greatest vintages of Huet achieve. The 1989 Haut Lieu is just starting to reach its peak.

Domaine Huet Cellar

The Haut Lieu site sports a fairly deep tuffeau bedrock topped with brown clay and chalk; its reputation is for wines that are supple and generous. This was the first vineyard that the Huet family bought back in 1928. In '89, there's a drive and a snap that nicely complements Haut Lieu typical profile.

The 1989 is rounded and luxurious texturally yet also stunningly elegant, sculpted. The acidity seems to style and buoy all that glowing citrus, straw, honey and lanolin. It's mind-blowingly layered and beautifully elegant.

Huet is a name that resides on the shortlist of great estates. When Huet have the proper amount of age and are from the right vintage, they can hang with the world's best. This is especially true of the sweet wines. At over 25 years old, this is just getting into the zone and will age for the next couple decades.

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